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#211 Time sometimes appears to stop on mips32 defect critical 0.4.3 helenos/kernel/mips32
#26 User space is not working on iMac G4 Martin Decky defect major 0.4.1
#76 Framebuffer driver hangs on arm32 defect major 0.4.1 helenos/unspecified
#91 Kconsole pager enhancement major 0.7.0 helenos/kernel/generic
#103 Running some of the kernel tests leaks memory Jakub Jermář defect major 0.5.0 helenos/kernel/generic
#105 HelenOS/ppc32 non-debug does not boot (in Qemu) defect major 0.4.3 helenos/kernel/ppc32
#123 suspected to present phantom clusters defect major 0.4.2 helenos/unspecified
#203 fwrite cannot handle more than 4095 chars. defect major 0.4.2 helenos/lib/c
#219 kernel panic on amd64 defect major 0.4.3 helenos/unspecified
#220 Unexpected FPU exception in top utility defect major 0.4.3 helenos/kernel/ia32
#224 Kernel crashed in clock() defect major 0.4.3 helenos/kernel/generic
#268 Running "while true; do echo prd | nc -u localhost 8080; done" hangs HelenOS networking defect major 0.6.0 helenos/net/other
#314 Debugging information lost for some aborts Jakub Jermář defect major 0.6.0 helenos/lib/c
#318 Unexpected pfrc (159712). Martin Decky defect major 0.5.0 helenos/kernel/mips32
#337 ppc32 fb server failed assert in memory allocator defect major 0.5.0 helenos/srv/fb
#365 Changing LED status bricks A4Tech keyboard defect major 0.5.0 helenos/drv/usbhid
#389 Devman crashes after repeated add/remove. defect major 0.7.0 helenos/srv/devman
#394 Running trace causes assert in generlic/malloc.c Jiri Svoboda defect major 0.5.0 helenos/app/trace
#428 Continuous integration defect major helenos/unspecified
#454 HelenOS/mips32/gxemul crashes during boot Martin Decky defect major 0.5.0 helenos/kernel/mips32
#463 The presence of the ISA bus driver and the USB HC drivers hangs the system during boot Jakub Jermář defect major 0.5.0 helenos/drv/isa
#515 websrv causes kernel panic and halt cpu0 Jakub Jermář defect major 0.7.2 helenos/kernel/ia32
#523 Implement support for Raspberry Pi (arm32) Jiri Svoboda enhancement major 0.7.0 helenos/kernel/arm32
#544 cdfs hangs when ata_bd crashes defect major 0.6.0 helenos/bd/ata
#548 Exceeding data transfer limit sometimes makes server block indefinitely. Jakub Jermář defect major 0.7.2 helenos/kernel/generic
#570 AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'repository' defect major helenos-web
#589 UDP packets corrupted under high load Jiri Svoboda defect major 0.7.1 helenos/net/udp
#614 T1000 boots all the way to a blank terminal window defect major 0.7.0 helenos/unspecified
#616 softfloat1 test fails on HelenOS/ia64/Ski defect major helenos/app/tester
#705 Building toolchain fails on gcc after successfully building prerequsites Jiří Zárevúcky defect major 0.7.2 helenos/unspecified
#776 Kernel test slab2 hangs on SKI defect major helenos/unspecified
#777 Niagara profile does not boot, image too big defect major 0.8.0 helenos/unspecified
#815 Build does not work with newer Meson versions Jiří Zárevúcky defect major 0.12.1 helenos/unspecified
#828 There is no sound on amd64 and ia32 defect major 0.11.1 helenos/unspecified
#846 sparc64/ultra hangs in frame allocator test defect major 0.12.1 helenos/unspecified
#848 Sticking PS/2 mouse in Qemu, unless full-screen defect major 0.12.1 helenos/unspecified
#849 Cursor wrapping around the top of the screen in EGA console / Qemu defect major 0.12.1 helenos/unspecified
#48 Simple GUI enhancement minor 0.6.0 helenos/unspecified
#254 Improve IPC terminology enhancement minor 0.4.3 helenos/unspecified
#522 Implement sendto() and recvfrom() for TCP Jiri Svoboda enhancement minor 0.7.0 helenos/net/tcp
#600 Makefile.depend needlessly rebuilt every time after a .ag file is changed once Martin Decky defect minor 0.7.1 helenos-build
#682 C library should have a NO_TRACE macro enhancement minor 0.7.1 helenos/unspecified
#707 Some code creates threads instead of fibrils enhancement minor helenos/unspecified
#822 /srv/hid/display killed due to an exception at program counter 0xfffffffffffffffd. defect minor helenos/gui
#844 sparc64/ultra kernel cannot output to serial console in Qemu defect minor 0.12.1 helenos/unspecified
#510 Switching between Virtual Console using F1-F11 key defect trivial 0.6.0 helenos/unspecified
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