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2017-05-30: Today

07:17 Ticket #679 (Kernel should have stdbool.h and stddef.h) created by svoboda
These headers from std. freestanding enviroment are missing, causing …
05:59 Changeset [mainline,2637] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>

2017-05-29: Yesterday

19:21 Changeset [mainline,2636] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
fseek() shall take long and ftell() shall return long
19:20 Changeset [mainline,2635] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Fix header guard
19:18 Changeset [mainline,2634] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Remove unused dummy header


13:51 Ticket #678 (plb_get_component() is broken wrt. UTF8) created by jermar
plb_get_component() does not assume multibyte characters and is thus …


20:29 FAQ edited by jermar
Add a FAQ about performance (diff)
19:58 FAQ edited by jermar
Get rid of the last defeatist FAQ, formatting (diff)
19:42 FAQ edited by jermar
Remove a skeptical FAQ which is answered in-depth elsewhere. (diff)
19:39 FAQ edited by jermar
Improve a nihilist FAQ (diff)
19:36 FAQ edited by jermar
Remove one more defeatist FAQ (diff)
19:36 FAQ edited by jermar
Remove some irrelevant or defeatist FAQs (diff)
19:30 FAQ edited by jermar
Add two paragraphs on comparison with L4Re (diff)


15:09 Changeset [mainline,2633] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
C library should continue to provide C standard rename() and remove().
13:12 Ticket #677 (C library stdlib.h should provide standards-compliant qsort) created by svoboda
HelenOS C library stdlib.h does not provide a qsort() function. sort.h …


17:55 Changeset [mainline,2632] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
libc should provide limits.h from the C std. Here's a first crude …


15:46 Changeset [mainline,2631] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
disable implicit make rules (we do not build a native application, …
14:04 Changeset [mainline,2630] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Use proper sizes for buffers holding conversions from/to UTF-16 LFN's …


18:04 Changeset [mainline,2629] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
generate inlined binary data via assembler this is much faster and …
18:03 Changeset [mainline,2628] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
unify quotation


21:58 Changeset [mainline,2627] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
VFS_OUT_MOUNTED does not need to return the link count
21:42 Changeset [mainline,2626] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Be consistent when answering VFS_OUT_LOOKUP
19:57 Changeset [mainline,2625] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
fat_service_get() should return the actual service_id
18:24 Changeset [mainline,2624] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Fix CDFS failing to mount.


21:24 Changeset [mainline,2623] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Further reduce the number of inclusions of sys/types.h
19:25 Changeset [mainline,2622] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Remove stricmp()
19:24 Changeset [mainline,2621] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Revert cluster allocation only if clusters were allocated
18:29 Changeset [mainline,2620] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
CDFS decoding of volume label.


19:03 Changeset [mainline,2619] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Reduce the number of files that include <sys/types.h>


20:28 Changeset [mainline,2618] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Merge fixes and improvements
19:58 Changeset [mainline,2617] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Probing for ExFAT, Ext4 and CDFS.
19:36 Changeset [mainline,2613.1.2] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Fix abs32le build
17:15 Changeset [mainline,2616] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Restructure ext4 filesystem opening/closing.


22:26 Changeset [mainline,2615] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Adjust prefixes ext4fs → ext4 after moving code.
22:07 Changeset [mainline,2614] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Move parts of ext4 filesystem initialization.
18:04 Changeset [mainline,2613.1.1] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Remove obsolete STATIC_ASSERT, use static_assert instead


19:50 Changeset [mainline,2613] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Simplify header guards.
19:47 Changeset [mainline,2612] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
The division of ext4 into fs and lib is arbitrary, preventing improvement.
18:04 Changeset [mainline,2611] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Libext4 should try to include what it uses.
17:42 Changeset [mainline,2610] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Libext4 went the wrong direction with filename prefixing.


18:56 Ticket #676 (ext4 shoots before it asks) closed by svoboda
fixed: Fixed in changeset:mainline,2609.
18:55 Changeset [mainline,2609] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Ext4 should check for sanity before modifying the superblock.
18:18 Ticket #676 (ext4 shoots before it asks) created by svoboda
During processing a mounted request, ext4fs will do an …


20:38 Changeset [mainline,2608] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
File system probing groundwork. Only MFS can do it for now.
19:20 Changeset [mainline,2607] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Remove unistd.h - Rename usleep() and sleep() to thread_usleep() and …


10:25 Changeset [mainline,2606] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Match 'console' without length limit


17:05 Changeset [mainline,2605] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Allow building only toolchains needed for developing HelenOS Use …
14:13 UsersGuide edited by jermar
Link to the serial console guide (diff)
14:10 UsersGuide/UserSerialConsole created by jermar
Add a guide for using user mode serial console


17:37 Changeset [mainline,2604] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Mount should be able to print the list of available file system types.


22:30 Changeset [mainline,2603] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
22:28 Changeset [mainline,2602] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
bump to GCC 7.1, binutils 2.28 (both now include upstream support for …
22:26 Changeset [mainline,2601] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
22:25 Changeset [mainline,2600] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
make sure the architecture can set up required assembler directives …
22:24 Changeset [mainline,2599] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
suppress dynamic linker warnings
22:23 Changeset [mainline,2598] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
add support for [u]divmoddi4
22:21 Changeset [mainline,2597] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
suppress compiler warnings
22:19 Changeset [mainline,2596] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
declare routines as noreturn
22:17 Changeset [mainline,2595] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
cstyle (no change in functionality)
22:12 Changeset [mainline,2594] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
add standardized case fallthrough comment annotations, add actual …
06:28 About edited by vhotspur
Nightly builds (diff)
06:26 Download edited by vhotspur
Downloadable builds from (diff)


13:14 Changeset [ci,11] by Vojtech Horky <vojtechhorky@…>
Remove empty web folder
13:13 Changeset [ci,10] by Vojtech Horky <vojtechhorky@…>
Make colors optional
06:36 Changeset [coastline,124] by Vojtech Horky <vojtechhorky@…>
Update libgmp tarball URL
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