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17:24 Ticket #366 (Cating a block device node renders the console unusable) created by Jakub Jermář
As of mainline,1184, the following will render the console unusable: …


22:02 UsersGuide/CommandReference edited by Jiri Svoboda
Changes related to DDF and location service (diff)
19:31 EBox2300 edited by Vojtech Horky
Request for more info (diff)


12:23 EBox2300 created by Martin Sucha
12:09 HardwareSupport edited by Martin Sucha
Add ebox2300 to the list of real machines (diff)
09:07 Ticket #259 (Passing a file reference should be a first-class VFS operation) closed by Jakub Jermář
fixed: In mainline,1159, I merged a solution to this problem that …


15:52 Ticket #365 (Changing LED status bricks A4Tech keyboard) created by Jiri Svoboda
I have an A4Tech KB-5A Water-proof USB keyboard. The keyboard seems to …
13:28 BinutilsMaintenance edited by Petr Koupy
Corrected qemu version. (diff)


17:49 Ticket #364 (Possible NULL pointer dereference in async.c) created by Martin Decky
There are several possible cases of NULL pointer dereference in …
10:37 Ticket #363 (Non-debug SMP build broken on Ski) created by Jakub Jermář
As of mainline,1142, Ski will not boot (such as in the kernel terminal …


00:08 KnowledgeArticles edited by Petr Koupy
Added link to binutils maintenance (diff)
00:04 BinutilsMaintenance edited by Petr Koupy
Minor corrections in formatting (diff)
00:01 BinutilsMaintenance created by Petr Koupy
Initial version


12:40 Camp2011 edited by Jakub Jermář
Remove Vojta from the list of attendees. (diff)


18:32 HowToContribute edited by Jiri Svoboda
Link HelenOS-devel (diff)


15:04 Camp2011 edited by Petr Koupy


20:53 USB edited by Jiri Svoboda
OHCI works on real HW (diff)
20:26 ArchFeature edited by Jiri Svoboda
arm32, ppc32 (diff)
19:31 Ticket #362 (Line debugging information breaks arm32) created by Jiri Svoboda
If you take profile arm32/GXemul plus enable CONFIG_LINE_DEBUG, the …
16:32 ArchFeature edited by Jiri Svoboda
Register state / amd64 (diff)


22:29 Ticket #325 (APIC driver non-functional) closed by Jakub Jermář
fixed: Fixed in mainline,1130. The APIC driver works in simple …


15:41 Ticket #155 (Need a way to determine symbol name from an address) closed by Jakub Jermář
fixed: We can handle the abort() case as of mainline,845, so …


21:05 Ticket #298 (The block cache has only 32-bit keys on 32-bit systems, but the block ...) closed by Jakub Jermář
fixed: Fix merged in mainline,1129.
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