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HelenOS Camp 2011


TBD. Please give your preferences (5 points for most convenient week, 1 for least convenient week).

Aug 1 - Aug 7 JJ(2) MD(4) JS(5) MS(4) VH(2)
Aug 8 - Aug 14 JJ(1) MD(5) JS(5) MS(1) VH(5)
Aug 15 - Aug 21 JJ(5) MD(5) JS(5) MS(5) VH(5)
Aug 22 - Aug 28 JJ(4) MD(5) JS(1) MS(3) VH(1)
Aug 29 - Sep 4 JJ(3) MD(4) JS(5) MS(1) VH(1)

  • Duration flexible, ideally 5 whole days + 1 day for arrivals and 1 day for departures


  • Beroun (Jakub's dining room)


  • In-house (limited number)
  • Beroun
  • Prague is just 35km away


Add your name below if you would like to join the camp and you have not ruled yourself out based on no merit.

  • Jakub Jermar (JJ)
  • Martin Decky (MD)
  • Jiri Svoboda (JS)
  • Martin Sucha (MS)
  • Vojtech Horky (VH)

HelenOS-related ideas for what to do

  • open tickets
  • DDFization
  • networking
  • USB plug-in fest

Leisure time ideas for what to do

  • BBQ / Saslik in the garden
  • Vodni svet Beroun
  • Inline circuit in Beroun
  • Inline track along the Berounka river
  • Movies
  • Decade of HelenOS party
  • Hiking
  • Tour of local pubs