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2011-06-08T19:01:55Z (13 years ago)
Martin Decky <martin@…>
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new async framework with integrated exchange tracking

  • strict isolation between low-level IPC and high-level async framework with integrated exchange tracking
    • each IPC connection is represented by an async_sess_t structure
    • each IPC exchange is represented by an async_exch_t structure
    • exchange management is either based on atomic messages (EXCHANGE_ATOMIC), locking (EXCHANGE_SERIALIZE) or connection cloning (EXCHANGE_CLONE)
  • async_obsolete: temporary compatibility layer to keep old async clients working (several pieces of code are currently broken, but only non-essential functionality)
  • IPC_M_PHONE_HANGUP is now method no. 0 (for elegant boolean evaluation)
  • IPC_M_DEBUG_ALL has been renamed to IPC_M_DEBUG
  • IPC_M_PING has been removed (VFS protocol now has VFS_IN_PING)
  • console routines in libc have been rewritten for better abstraction
  • additional use for libc-private header files (FILE structure opaque to the client)
  • various cstyle changes (typos, indentation, missing externs in header files, improved comments, etc.)
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