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17:14 Ticket #275 (Default sparc64/ultra build grows out of the OBP identity mapped ...) created by Jakub Jermář
The default build for sparc64/ultra has become too big that when …
15:57 Ticket #274 (Accessing devman devices using devmap handles does not work) created by Jakub Jermář
In devman_connection(), there is the following comment: […] …
15:50 Ticket #273 (The map ADT should not free the object if its addition to the map failed) created by Jakub Jermář
The map ADTs (e.g. the generic char map) will free up the memory for …
15:43 Ticket #272 (Need fibril_{mutex,rwlock_read,rwlock_write}_locked()) created by Jakub Jermář
For the sake of checking elementary compliance with locking protocols, …


21:41 Ticket #271 (Fibril rwlocks read/write lock switch) created by Radim Vansa
When a fibril rwlock is already locked for writing and the function …


22:54 Ticket #124 (Hands-off configure/build) closed by Jiri Svoboda
fixed: Fixed in changeset:mainline,737 and changeset:mainline,738. Now you …


22:22 Lab edited by Jakub Jermář
Add Jakub's desktop to our lab :-) (diff)
22:08 Lab edited by Jakub Jermář
Add Marina's desktop to our lab :-) (diff)


19:09 Ticket #253 (NS wait_for_task references NULL pointer.) closed by Jakub Jermář
fixed: Fixed in changeset:mainline,723.
12:09 Repositories edited by Frantisek Princ


21:18 Meetings edited by Jakub Jermář
Set date for the next meeting. (diff)


10:06 Ticket #270 (udp_sendto_message() leaves data_fragment_size uninitialized) created by Jakub Jermář
udp_sendto_message() is supposed to set its output argument …


19:02 StudentSoftwareProjects edited by Jakub Jermář
Link to Jiri Kavalik's cdfs branch at lp. (diff)


18:18 FSDesign edited by Jakub Jermář
Rename dev_handle_t to devmap_handle_t. (diff)


11:49 StudentTips edited by Jakub Jermář
11:46 WikiStart edited by Jakub Jermář
Tips are useful also for other kinds of student projects. (diff)


19:32 CurrentTheses edited by Jakub Jermář
19:26 CurrentTheses edited by Jakub Jermář
Try once more :-) (diff)
19:22 CurrentTheses edited by Jakub Jermář
Update link for MFF UK HelenOS theses in progress (diff)
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