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Tips for authors of HelenOS master theses


  • If you provide some sort of HelenOS overview chapter, please do not blindly follow the pretty much outdated 0.2.0 design documentation (i.e. forget about pseudothreads) and stick to the things that seem relevant to your own thesis (e.g. no need to provide in-depth description of the kernel architecture if your focus is on some userspace application).
  • If you provide a related work chapter, consider providing comparison with similar multiserver operating systems (if applicable), i.e. the Hurd and MINIX 3. These will be very interesting and useful as you will be comparing apples with apples and not apples with elephants.


  • Always differentiate your own words from words of someone else by providing proper citation information. Never let other people think that some ideas or words are yours whereas in reality you just saw some handy text or used some notoriously known phrase. Note that these things can happen even unintentionally.


  • Getting the thesis into a good shape (grammatically, stylistically and visually) can take as much as half of the entire time you reserved for working on the text of the thesis. People don't usually believe this advice or don't take it seriously enough, but then all of them are found to have a very eventful and exciting submission week and the end result is not as good as it might have been if more time was spent on editing the thesis.
  • Most of the time, there will be people willing to proof-read your thesis, so plan ahead to allow enough time for these proof-readers to do you this favor and also to incorporate their suggestions.
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