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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#402 Port QEMU to HelenOS accepted Vojtech Horky enhancement major
#440 Serial terminal emulation/deemulation library accepted Jiri Svoboda enhancement major
#461 No interrupts for uspace on real hardware when SMP enabled accepted Jakub Jermář defect major
#505 Remcons should implement the console protocol fully accepted Jiri Svoboda enhancement major
#562 Source and destination address selection accepted Jiri Svoboda enhancement major
#732 Fill in gaps in ISO C standard library support accepted Jiri Svoboda enhancement major
#781 PS/2 mouse on HW can break due to early activity accepted Jiri Svoboda defect major
#460 Extend devctl with driver management assigned Jiri Svoboda enhancement major
#746 Proper implementation of SIF assigned Jiri Svoboda enhancement major
#790 sun4v freezes randomly in Qemu assigned Jakub Jermář defect major
#798 Definitions in abi/include/abi/elf.h are non-conformant assigned defect major
#835 New, non UNIX-like shell assigned Jiri Svoboda enhancement major
#836 File Manager assigned Jiri Svoboda enhancement major
#859 Build with Detailed kernel logging enabled fails assigned Jiří Zárevúcky defect major 0.14.2
#120 Some HelenOS code breaks strict aliasing rules new defect major
#156 Improve support for non-xterm terminal emulators new Jiri Svoboda enhancement major
#177 OpenPIC driver for ppc32 new enhancement major
#201 fflush() should be cheap if output buffer is empty new enhancement major
#202 fgetc() should be smarter about buffer flushing new enhancement major
#209 Network IPC bridge new enhancement minor
#269 Characters must be written atomically to the console new defect minor
#281 printf functions are overserialized new enhancement major
#300 Spurious interrupt on Phenom X4 (quad core) new Jakub Jermář defect major
#319 Input method for character terminals new enhancement major
#355 Revive Doxygen reference new enhancement minor
#358 IRQ pseudocode compiler new enhancement major
#391 Async exchange abort new enhancement major
#392 Async per-port connection handlers new enhancement major
#393 Async single connection per session new enhancement major
#424 RPC/IPC generator new enhancement major
#432 Rock Ridge extension in cdfs new enhancement major
#433 Restartable system calls new Jakub Jermář enhancement major
#436 Cursor not always visible during movement new defect major
#438 Indexed sequence ADT new enhancement minor
#447 Boot from persistent file system new enhancement major
#448 Forced vs. non-forced administrative device removal new enhancement major
#467 Use of bit fields in AHCI driver is not clearly justified based on the specs new defect major
#494 Need abortable async_get_call() variant new Jakub Jermář enhancement major
#502 Zero configuration networking new enhancement major
#516 CPU hotplug new Jakub Jermář enhancement minor
#535 tester print4 is slow on remcons new defect minor
#536 IPv4 link-local address autoconfiguration new enhancement major
#537 Multicast DNS new enhancement minor
#538 HTTP CONNECT proxy traversal new enhancement minor
#550 Driver wildcard matching new enhancement minor
#553 e1k support for 8086:1502 (82579LM Gigabit Network Connection rev 04) new enhancement major
#561 IPv6 stateless configuration new enhancement major
#578 Graphical boot experience new enhancement minor
#586 HelenOS on SPARC Enterprise T5120 new enhancement minor
#590 Logset should display registered logs new enhancement major
#593 IP datagram reassembly needs to flush datagrams/fragments after some time new Jiri Svoboda defect major
#598 cdfs initial ramdisk new enhancement major
#601 Cannot activate kernel console via hotkey on Lenovo Thinkpad X230 new defect major
#603 demo.xm doesn't play correctly new defect major
#627 Atheros Wifi cannot connect new defect major
#628 Atheros WiFi reports incorrect link state new defect major
#629 Network packet capture new enhancement major
#630 Listeners in core TCP new enhancement minor
#631 trunc(768.3156) == 770?! new defect major
#639 hsct depends on last component of build dir new defect major
#697 Kernel console is painfully slow on Freerunner new defect major
#730 Atheros WiFi driver crashes upon attach new defect major
#747 Volume server configuration needs to be persistent new enhancement major
#748 Persistent network configuration new enhancement major
#754 Toolchain build fails with cryptic message when dependecies are missing new defect major
#755 Shared libraries should be shared in memory, too new enhancement major
#757 Need sqrt function new defect major
#765 Hsct build of some packages dumps a lot of cores new defect major
#768 CI/Travis need more config space coverage new enhancement major
#778 Support for Intel Corporation Ethernet Connection (3) I218-LM [8086:15a2] new enhancement major
#787 Taskdump needs to undertand shared objects new enhancement major
#788 Ns should track tasks through their entire life cycle new enhancement major
#789 Loading as a service new enhancement major
#791 dlsym/dl_get_public_fib_var test fails on ppc32 new defect major
#792 Clang checker broken new defect major
#793 Clang build broken new defect major
#805 Debug session not cleaned up if debugger gets killed new defect major
#806 Trace/command freezes for some commands new defect major
#810 Run all unit tests as part of CI new enhancement major
#811 PCUT should not prefix test case identifiers with "test_" new defect major
#842 Support PCnet-FAST III (Am79c973) network adapter new enhancement major
#843 s3c24xx_ts driver should not be used on other platforms than GTA02 new defect major 0.14.2
#845 sparc64/ultra should support keyboard in Qemu new enhancement major
#855 System sometimes does not boot fully up to GUI new defect major 0.14.2
#865 TCP is much slower than expected new defect major
#868 Block cache and page out new enhancement major
#869 Global chroot new enhancement major
#304 Read-only UDF 2.50 (Blu-ray video) reopened enhancement major
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