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Improve support for non-xterm terminal emulators

Reported by: Jiri Svoboda Owned by: Jiri Svoboda
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Component: helenos/srv/console Version: mainline
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See also: #43, #319, #440


HelenOS console can be accessed over a serial terminal, which is used by mips32/msim, mips32/gxemul, arm32/gxemul, ia64/ski, etc. The problem is that terminal escape sequences vary from one terminal emulator to another. Currently HelenOS code is tuned to xterm and people who use different terminal emulators have been reporting problems with garbled output and broken keys (such as cursor keys).

It would be nice to improve support for other terminal emulators. One possibility is to find out if some specific escape sequences could be substituted for more generic which would work in more terminals. This, however is not very likely.

Another way is to add explicit support for several different popular terminal emulators. I cannot think of a good way to detect the terminal type automatically. It would be necessary for the user to either select a default terminal type during build configuration or select the terminal type from HelenOS command line.

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Retargeting for 0.5.0.

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See also: #43, #319

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See also: #43, #319#43, #319, #440

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Milestone: 0.7.1

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