HelenOS Userspace (ia64) File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
add.c [code]
add.h [code]
align.h [code]
as.c [code]
as.h [code]
assert.h [code]
async.c [code]
async.h [code]
arch/ia64/include/atomic.h [code]
include/atomic.h [code]
cap.c [code]Functions to grant/revoke capabilities to/from a task
cap.h [code]
common.c [code]
common.h [code]
comparison.c [code]
comparison.h [code]
console.c [code]
console.h [code]
conversion.c [code]
conversion.h [code]
ctype.h [code]
ddi.c [code]
ddi.h [code]
div.c [code]
div.h [code]
division.c [code]
division.h [code]
doxygroups.h [code]
arch/ia64/include/endian.h [code]
include/endian.h [code]
err.c [code]
err.h [code]
errno.h [code]
fifo.h [code]
functions.h [code]
futex.c [code]
futex.h [code]
gcons.c [code]
gcons.h [code]
hash_table.c [code]
hash_table.h [code]
io.c [code]
io.h [code]
ipc.c [code]
ipc.h [code]
ipcc.c [code]
arch/ia64/src/kbd.c [code]
generic/kbd.c [code]
arch/ia64/include/kbd.h [code]
include/kbd.h [code]
key_buffer.c [code]
key_buffer.h [code]
keys.h [code]
klog.c [code]
libc.c [code]
libc.h [code]
arch/ia64/include/limits.h [code]
include/limits.h [code]
list.c [code]
list.h [code]
main.c [code]
main.h [code]
malloc.c [code]
malloc.h [code]
mman.h [code]
mmap.c [code]
mul.c [code]
mul.h [code]
ns.c [code]Naming service for HelenOS IPC
ns.h [code]
other.c [code]
other.h [code]
ppm.c [code]
ppm.h [code]
printf.c [code]
printf_core.c [code]Printing functions
printf_core.h [code]
psthread.c [code]
arch/ia64/include/psthread.h [code]
include/psthread.h [code]
screenbuffer.c [code]
screenbuffer.h [code]
services.h [code]List of all known services and their codes
sftypes.h [code]
snprintf.c [code]
softfloat.c [code]
softfloat.h [code]
sprintf.c [code]
stack.h [code]
stackarg.h [code]
stdarg.h [code]
stddef.h [code]
stdint.h [code]
stdio.h [code]
stdlib.c [code]
stdlib.h [code]
stream.c [code]
stream.h [code]
string.c [code]
string.h [code]
sub.c [code]
sub.h [code]
sysinfo.c [code]
sysinfo.h [code]
sysio.c [code]
sysio.h [code]
task.c [code]
task.h [code]
arch/ia64/src/thread.c [code]
generic/thread.c [code]
arch/ia64/include/thread.h [code]
include/thread.h [code]
time.c [code]
sys/time.h [code]
time.h [code]
arch/ia64/include/types.h [code]
include/sys/types.h [code]
include/types.h [code]
unistd.h [code]
vprintf.c [code]
vsnprintf.c [code]
vsprintf.c [code]

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