ns.c File Reference

Naming service for HelenOS IPC. More...

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Data Structures

struct  hashed_service_t


#define NAME   "NS"


static int register_service (ipcarg_t service, ipcarg_t phone, ipc_call_t *call)
static int connect_to_service (ipcarg_t service, ipc_call_t *call, ipc_callid_t callid)
static hash_index_t ns_hash (unsigned long *key)
static int ns_compare (unsigned long *key, hash_count_t keys, link_t *item)
static void ns_remove (link_t *item)
static void get_as (ipc_callid_t callid, ipc_call_t *call, char *name, void **addr)
int main (int argc, char **argv)
int ns_compare (unsigned long key[], hash_count_t keys, link_t *item)


static hash_table_operations_t ns_hash_table_ops
static hash_table_t ns_hash_table
static void * clockaddr = NULL
static void * klogaddr = NULL

Detailed Description

Definition in file ns.c.

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