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#define __PRINTF_FLAG_PREFIX   0x00000001
#define __PRINTF_FLAG_SIGNED   0x00000002
#define __PRINTF_FLAG_ZEROPADDED   0x00000004
#define __PRINTF_FLAG_LEFTALIGNED   0x00000010
#define __PRINTF_FLAG_SHOWPLUS   0x00000020
#define __PRINTF_FLAG_SPACESIGN   0x00000040
#define __PRINTF_FLAG_BIGCHARS   0x00000080
#define __PRINTF_FLAG_NEGATIVE   0x00000100


enum  qualifier_t {
  PrintfQualifierByte = 0, PrintfQualifierShort, PrintfQualifierInt, PrintfQualifierLong,
  PrintfQualifierLongLong, PrintfQualifierSizeT, PrintfQualifierPointer


static int printf_putnchars (const char *buf, size_t count, struct printf_spec *ps)
static int printf_putstr (const char *str, struct printf_spec *ps)
static int printf_putchar (int c, struct printf_spec *ps)
static int print_char (char c, int width, uint64_t flags, struct printf_spec *ps)
static int print_string (char *s, int width, int precision, uint64_t flags, struct printf_spec *ps)
static int print_number (uint64_t num, int width, int precision, int base, uint64_t flags, struct printf_spec *ps)
int printf_core (const char *fmt, struct printf_spec *ps, va_list ap)


static char digits_small [] = "0123456789abcdef"
static char digits_big [] = "0123456789ABCDEF"

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