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Data Structures

struct  mallinfo


#define dlcalloc   calloc
#define dlfree   free
#define dlmalloc   malloc
#define dlmemalign   memalign
#define dlrealloc   realloc
#define dlvalloc   valloc
#define dlpvalloc   pvalloc
#define dlmallinfo   mallinfo
#define dlmallopt   mallopt
#define dlmalloc_trim   malloc_trim
#define dlmalloc_stats   malloc_stats
#define dlmalloc_usable_size   malloc_usable_size
#define dlmalloc_footprint   malloc_footprint
#define dlmalloc_max_footprint   malloc_max_footprint
#define dlindependent_calloc   independent_calloc
#define dlindependent_comalloc   independent_comalloc
#define M_TRIM_THRESHOLD   (-1)
#define M_GRANULARITY   (-2)
#define M_MMAP_THRESHOLD   (-3)
#define MALLINFO_FIELD_TYPE   size_t


void * dlmalloc (size_t)
void dlfree (void *)
void * dlcalloc (size_t, size_t)
void * dlrealloc (void *, size_t)
void * dlmemalign (size_t, size_t)
void * dlvalloc (size_t)
int dlmallopt (int, int)
size_t dlmalloc_footprint (void)
size_t dlmalloc_max_footprint (void)
mallinfo dlmallinfo (void)
void ** dlindependent_calloc (size_t, size_t, void **)
void ** dlindependent_comalloc (size_t, size_t *, void **)
void * dlpvalloc (size_t)
int dlmalloc_trim (size_t)
size_t dlmalloc_usable_size (void *)
void dlmalloc_stats (void)

Define Documentation

#define dlcalloc   calloc

Definition at line 37 of file malloc.h.

#define dlfree   free

Definition at line 38 of file malloc.h.

Referenced by dlrealloc().

#define dlmalloc   malloc

Definition at line 39 of file malloc.h.

Referenced by dlcalloc(), and dlrealloc().

#define dlmemalign   memalign

Definition at line 40 of file malloc.h.

Referenced by dlpvalloc(), and dlvalloc().

#define dlrealloc   realloc

Definition at line 41 of file malloc.h.

#define dlvalloc   valloc

Definition at line 42 of file malloc.h.

#define dlpvalloc   pvalloc

Definition at line 43 of file malloc.h.

#define dlmallinfo   mallinfo

Definition at line 44 of file malloc.h.

#define dlmallopt   mallopt

Definition at line 45 of file malloc.h.

#define dlmalloc_trim   malloc_trim

Definition at line 46 of file malloc.h.

#define dlmalloc_stats   malloc_stats

Definition at line 47 of file malloc.h.

#define dlmalloc_usable_size   malloc_usable_size

Definition at line 48 of file malloc.h.

#define dlmalloc_footprint   malloc_footprint

Definition at line 49 of file malloc.h.

#define dlmalloc_max_footprint   malloc_max_footprint

Definition at line 50 of file malloc.h.

#define dlindependent_calloc   independent_calloc

Definition at line 51 of file malloc.h.

#define dlindependent_comalloc   independent_comalloc

Definition at line 52 of file malloc.h.

#define M_TRIM_THRESHOLD   (-1)

Definition at line 152 of file malloc.h.

Referenced by change_mparam().

#define M_GRANULARITY   (-2)

Definition at line 153 of file malloc.h.

Referenced by change_mparam().

#define M_MMAP_THRESHOLD   (-3)

Definition at line 154 of file malloc.h.

Referenced by change_mparam().

#define MALLINFO_FIELD_TYPE   size_t

Definition at line 195 of file malloc.h.

Function Documentation

void** dlindependent_calloc size_t  ,
size_t  ,
void ** 

void** dlindependent_comalloc size_t  ,
size_t ,
void ** 

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