screenbuffer.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  style_t
struct  keyfield_t
struct  screenbuffer_t


#define DEFAULT_BACKGROUND   0xf0f0f0


static keyfield_tget_field_at (screenbuffer_t *scr, unsigned int x, unsigned int y)
static int style_same (style_t s1, style_t s2)
void screenbuffer_putchar (screenbuffer_t *scr, char c)
screenbuffer_tscreenbuffer_init (screenbuffer_t *scr, int size_x, int size_y)
void screenbuffer_clear (screenbuffer_t *scr)
void screenbuffer_clear_line (screenbuffer_t *scr, unsigned int line)
void screenbuffer_copy_buffer (screenbuffer_t *scr, keyfield_t *dest)
void screenbuffer_goto (screenbuffer_t *scr, unsigned int x, unsigned int y)
void screenbuffer_set_style (screenbuffer_t *scr, unsigned int fg_color, unsigned int bg_color)

Detailed Description

Definition in file screenbuffer.h.

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