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static LIST_INITIALIZE (ready_list)
static LIST_INITIALIZE (serialized_list)
static LIST_INITIALIZE (manager_list)
static void psthread_main (void)
psthread_data_tpsthread_setup (void)
void psthread_teardown (psthread_data_t *pt)
int psthread_schedule_next_adv (pschange_type ctype)
int psthread_join (pstid_t psthrid)
pstid_t psthread_create (int(*func)(void *), void *arg)
void psthread_add_ready (pstid_t ptid)
void psthread_add_manager (pstid_t psthrid)
void psthread_remove_manager (void)
pstid_t psthread_get_id (void)
void psthread_inc_sercount (void)
void psthread_dec_sercount (void)


static atomic_t psthread_futex = FUTEX_INITIALIZER
static int serialized_threads
static __thread int serialization_count
static int threads_in_manager

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