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Data Structures

struct  connection_t


#define NAME   "CONSOLE"


static int find_free_connection (void)
static void clrscr (void)
static void curs_visibility (int v)
static void curs_goto (int row, int col)
static void set_style (style_t *style)
static void set_style_col (int fgcolor, int bgcolor)
static void prtchr (char c, int row, int col)
static void write_char (int console, char key)
static int switch_screens (int oldpixmap)
static void change_console (int newcons)
static void keyboard_events (ipc_callid_t iid, ipc_call_t *icall)
static void client_connection (ipc_callid_t iid, ipc_call_t *icall)
int main (int argc, char *argv[])


int active_console = 0
struct {
   int   phone
   ipcarg_t   rows
   ipcarg_t   cols
   volatile sysarg_t   seconds1
   volatile sysarg_t   useconds
   volatile sysarg_t   seconds2
static connection_t connections [CONSOLE_COUNT]
static keyfield_tinterbuffer = NULL
static int kernel_pixmap = -1

Detailed Description

Definition in file console.c.

Variable Documentation

int phone

Framebuffer phone

Definition at line 65 of file console.c.

Referenced by read_stdin(), and write_stdout().

ipcarg_t rows

Framebuffer rows

Definition at line 66 of file console.c.

ipcarg_t cols

Framebuffer columns

Definition at line 67 of file console.c.

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