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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#19 Fix async framework regarding nested asynchronous calls Martin Decky defect blocker 0.4.1
#23 Non-root VFS mounts are not ready Jakub Jermář enhancement blocker 0.4.1 helenos/srv/vfs
#51 Need command to test VFS rename() operation Tim Post enhancement blocker 0.4.1 helenos/srv/vfs
#92 bdsh dies on mips32 defect blocker 0.4.1 helenos/lib/c
#94 Kernel panic in memcpy_to_uspace() on ia64 defect blocker 0.4.1 helenos/kernel/ia64
#95 devmap crashes on ia64 defect blocker 0.4.1 helenos/srv/locsrv
#99 bdsh hangs after reading the second command on ia64 and sparc64 defect blocker 0.4.1 helenos/unspecified
#170 Cannot build HelenOS for any platform defect blocker 0.4.2 helenos-build
#469 tcp crashes during or after the first HTTP request Jiri Svoboda defect blocker 0.5.0 helenos/net/tcp
#736 Kernel leaks parent thread's context to children Jakub Jermář defect blocker 0.8.0 helenos/kernel/generic
#814 With Meson build boot images are twice the original size Jiří Zárevúcky defect blocker 0.11.1 helenos-build
#73 The list of siblings of a TMPFS node should be a per-link property rather than per-node property Jakub Jermář defect critical 0.4.1 helenos/fs/tmpfs
#113 arm32 is broken defect critical 0.4.2 helenos/kernel/arm32
#115 ia64/ski is broken defect critical 0.4.2 helenos/kernel/ia64
#153 atomic operations are broken on arm32 defect critical 0.4.2 helenos/kernel/arm32
#186 Networking framework does not support parallel build defect critical 0.4.3 helenos/unspecified
#218 Kernel panic on invalid phone hang-up defect critical 0.4.3 helenos/kernel/generic
#227 HelenOS sometimes hard hangs shortly after boot Jakub Jermář defect critical 0.4.3 helenos/kernel/ia32
#241 ia32 won't boot if there is 2 GB physical memory or more defect critical 0.4.3 helenos/kernel/generic
#242 ia64 boot missing defect critical 0.4.3 helenos/boot/ia64
#243 ppc32 exception handling broken Martin Decky defect critical 0.5.0 helenos/kernel/ppc32
#342 mips32: Memory management lockup Martin Decky defect critical 0.5.0 helenos/kernel/mips32
#344 as_area_destroy() broken on ppc32 Martin Decky defect critical 0.5.0 helenos/kernel/ppc32
#499 Stack overflow in libclui defect critical 0.6.0 helenos/lib/other
#521 UDP crashes on port recycling Jiri Svoboda defect critical 0.6.0 helenos/net/udp
#552 Optimize fibril creation Martin Decky defect critical 0.7.0 helenos/kernel/generic
#602 Cannot download a 1M file from HelenOS over http/tcp. Jiri Svoboda defect critical 0.7.1 helenos/net/tcp
#728 Kernel panic in QEMU on ia32 without KVM Jiří Zárevúcky defect critical 0.7.2 helenos/kernel/ia32
#3 Memory management limitations Martin Decky enhancement major 0.5.0 helenos/kernel/generic
#13 Slab allocator allocation description ends in the middle of a sentence defect major helenos-doc
#17 mips32 and ppc32 cannot boot from a large ramdisk defect major helenos/unspecified
#18 running program from bdsh opens new console defect major helenos/unspecified
#24 mips32 (big endian variant) user space not working in GXEMUL Jiri Svoboda defect major 0.4.1 helenos/unspecified
#25 VIA-CUDA keyboard driver is incomplete and missing in user space Jiri Svoboda enhancement major 0.4.2 helenos/unspecified
#27 Kernel not booting on Sun Ultra 60 Jakub Jermář defect major 0.4.1
#33 ATA driver Jiri Svoboda enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#34 Replace the functionality of LOW_4GiB macro Martin Decky enhancement major 0.6.0 helenos/kernel/generic
#35 Support multiple instances of TMPFS Jakub Jermář enhancement major 0.4.1 helenos/fs/tmpfs
#36 Virtual consoles overhaul enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#39 Implement support for LEON CPUs (sparc32) Martin Decky enhancement major 0.6.0 helenos/kernel/sparc32
#44 Advanced way of wiring kernel HID devices Martin Decky enhancement major 0.4.1 helenos/unspecified
#45 Virtual terminal recycling bug Martin Decky defect major 0.4.1
#46 EGA kconsole/user console bugs Martin Decky defect major 0.4.1
#52 vfs_rename() - Bad detection of move to subdir of source dir Jakub Jermář defect major 0.4.1 helenos/srv/vfs
#53 NS16550 keyboard not functional on Sun Ultra 60 Jakub Jermář defect major 0.4.1
#56 Finish and merge the dynamic loader to trunk Jiri Svoboda enhancement major 0.5.0 helenos/unspecified
#61 Support 64-bit file offsets and file sizes in the VFS protocol enhancement major 0.4.2 helenos/srv/vfs
#63 OFW support in ppc32 port is way behind the level in sparc64 port Martin Decky enhancement major 0.4.2 helenos/kernel/ppc32
#68 Tracer locks up keyboard defect major 0.4.1
#70 Cating a directory causes segfault in VFS defect major 0.4.1 helenos/srv/vfs
#74 Reimplement user space memory allocator enhancement major 0.4.1 helenos/lib/c
#79 Introduce and implement VFS_UNMOUNT Jakub Jermář enhancement major 0.4.2 helenos/srv/vfs
#80 tmpfs_restore() fails on arm32 defect major 0.4.1 helenos/unspecified
#81 conflicting types for fs_node_t defect major 0.4.1 helenos/lib/c
#82 ls: skipping bogus node null Martin Decky defect major 0.4.1 helenos/unspecified
#83 Pass task exit code Jiri Svoboda enhancement major 0.4.1 helenos/lib/c
#84 Replace VFS_DEVICE with VFS_FSTAT enhancement major 0.4.1 helenos/srv/vfs
#85 Do not create a new "pending" fibril after each received call defect major 0.4.1 helenos/lib/c
#86 console should not depend on kbd's source code defect major 0.4.2 helenos/srv/console
#88 cons_get_event() should be rewritten using e.g. condition variables Jakub Jermář defect major 0.4.1 helenos/srv/console
#89 Invisible Tetris pieces on non-graphical fb Jiri Svoboda defect major 0.4.1 helenos/app/tetris
#93 Exception stack frame should not be constructed by a C function on arm32 Vineeth Pillai defect major 0.4.1 helenos/kernel/arm32
#96 Index Pages in HelenOS Trac do not work defect major helenos/unspecified
#97 Tracer cannot cope with console inheritance defect major 0.4.1 helenos/unspecified
#100 Exceptions should not be handled in a dedicated CPU mode Vineeth Pillai defect major 0.4.1 helenos/kernel/arm32
#101 ia64 non-debug build is broken defect major 0.4.1 helenos/kernel/ia64
#102 Improved support for concurrent IPC requests enhancement major 0.4.3 helenos/lib/c
#104 The reboot command sometimes cannot complete defect major 0.4.2 helenos/kernel/generic
#106 Wrong visuals for HelenOS/sparc64 simics framebuffer defect major 0.4.1 helenos/unspecified
#108 Building of release files should be automated Jiri Svoboda enhancement major 0.4.3 helenos-build
#109 After switching to bzr, revision number is not displayed defect major 0.4.2 helenos/unspecified
#111 HelenOS/amd64 feels non-preemptive defect major 0.4.2 helenos/kernel/amd64
#114 memory reservation feature needed Jakub Jermář enhancement major 0.5.0 helenos/kernel/generic
#116 Last mainline commit not shown on main page since Bazaar switch defect major web
#117 softint should provide __muldi3 defect major 0.4.2 helenos/lib/softint
#118 -Os on some architectures requires softint to support __ashldi3 enhancement major 0.5.0 helenos/kernel/genarch
#119 Revive support for Dell PowerEdge 7150 machine (ia64) Jakub Jermář defect major 0.5.0 helenos/kernel/ia64
#121 Parallel build does not work defect major 0.4.2 helenos/unspecified
#122 Copying the tetris binary twice hangs the FAT file system defect major 0.4.2 helenos/fs/fat
#124 Hands-off configure/build enhancement major 0.4.3 helenos-build
#127 Partition editor enhancement major 0.6.0 helenos/unspecified
#128 FAT file system creator enhancement major 0.4.2 helenos/unspecified
#129 Bootloader install enhancement major 0.7.0 helenos/unspecified
#131 Task memory dumps enhancement major 0.4.2 helenos/unspecified
#132 Unclaimed task return values pollute NS defect major 0.6.0 helenos/srv/ns
#134 Support for Neo FreeRunner Jiri Svoboda enhancement major 0.4.3 helenos/kernel/arm32
#135 Editor forgets the last line except the first column defect major 0.4.2 helenos/unspecified
#136 Autodetect support for SYSENTER on ia32 defect major 0.4.2 helenos/kernel/ia32
#137 Only one udebug session is possible, subsequent attempts fail. Jiri Svoboda defect major 0.4.2 helenos/unspecified
#138 Sync call answer may refer to a non-existent answerbox. Jakub Jermář defect major 0.4.2 helenos/kernel/generic
#139 Tasks should be allocated from a dedicated slab allocator cache enhancement major 0.4.2 helenos/kernel/generic
#140 Driver for ISO 9660 (cdfs) filesystem enhancement major 0.5.0 helenos/fs/other
#141 ATAPI optical drive support Jiri Svoboda enhancement major 0.4.3 helenos/unspecified
#142 Support for T1 and T2 processors in HelenOS Pavel Rimsky enhancement major 0.4.2 helenos/kernel/sparc64
#143 Networking and TCP/IP stack for HelenOS system Lukáš Mejdrech enhancement major 0.4.2 helenos/net/other
#144 Device drivers interface in HelenOS system enhancement major 0.4.3 helenos/unspecified
#148 __hypercall_fast_ret1 trusts the contents of %o1 (too much) Pavel Rimsky defect major 0.4.2 helenos/kernel/sparc64
#149 Flush windows in context_save_arch() instead of context_restore_arch() Jakub Jermář enhancement major 0.4.2 helenos/kernel/sparc64
#151 IPC_M_PHONE_HUNGUP can go unnoticed by a connection fibril Jakub Jermář defect major 0.4.2 helenos/lib/c
#152 ia64 parallel build fails defect major 0.4.2 helenos-build/ia64
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