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HelenOS Command Reference

Description of categories

Category Description
bdsh Shell built-in commands. Type help commands in the shell for a listing.
app Application category. Command-line driven or interactive commands. ls /app for a listing
srv Services category. They work in background and not all should be started by hand. ls /srv for a listing

Default executable directories

If you type in a command in Bdsh without path will try to find a shell built-in, then it will look into /app and /srv. There are other executables in a HelenOS system, namely the DDF-based drivers under /drv. This directory is not searched as DDF drivers are started automatically by Devman and you never need to run them by hand (although it is possible).


Cat. Command Description
bdsh cd Change working directory
bdsh exit Exit the shell
bdsh help Show help
bdsh mkdir Create new directory
bdsh mkfile Create new file
bdsh rm Remove file or directory
bdsh bdd Dump block device contents
bdsh cat Display contents of file
bdsh ls Directory listing
bdsh pwd Print current working directory
bdsh cp Copy file
bdsh mv Move or rename file
bdsh mount Mount file system
bdsh umount Unmount file system
bdsh kcon Open kernel console
app bdsh The shell, Brain Dead Shell
app blkdump Dump block device contents
app bnchmark File system benchmark
app devctl Device driver framework (DDF) administration
app dnscfg Configure DNS
app dnsres Resolve Internet DNS host names
app edit Text Editor
app ext2info Dump information from an ext2 file system
app getterm Run command on a specified virtual console
app inet Configure internet service (IP addresses, etc.)
app init Initialize the operating system
app kill Kill a task by TID
app killall Kill tasks whose name matches pattern
app klog Print and follow contents of kernel log
app loc Print data from location service
app logset Set logging level
app mkexfat Create empty exFAT file system
app mkbd Receive and print multimedia key presses
app mkfat Create empty FAT file system
app mkmfs Create empty MINIX file system
app msim MSIM MIPS R4000 simulator
app netecho Socket-based TCP/UDP echo server
app nettest1 Socket-based TCP/UDF test app
app nettest2 Socket-based TCP/UDP test app
app nettest3 Socket-based TCP test app
app nterm Network terminal emulator/debugging utility
app ping ICMP ping utility
app redir Run command with standard input, output, error output redirected to files
app sbi Interpreter of Sysel programming language
app sportdmp Dump data from serial port
app stats List tasks, threads, CPUs
app sysinfo Print entries from kernel sysinfo tree
app taskdump Dump core, stack trace from a task
app tester Run various unit tests
app testread Benchmark speed of reading from a file
app tetris Fork of BSD Tetris game
app top Monitor which tasks consume most resources
app trace Trace system calls made by a task
app usbinfo Display information about USB device
app vuhid Virtual USB HID provider (for testing USB HID driver)
app websrv Trivial web server
srv adb_ms Apple Desktop Bus mouse driver
srv apic APIC interrupt controller driver
srv ata_bd ATA/ATAPI (disk/optical drive) block device driver
srv cdfs ISO 9660 file system service
srv char_ms Serial and PS/2 mouse protocol driver
srv clipboard Clipboard service
srv console Console service
srv cuda_adb Apple Desktop Bus driver for Mac
srv devman Device manager, manage DDF device tree
srv dnsres Internet DNS name resolver
srv ethip IP link provider for Ethernet
srv exfat exFAT file system service
srv ext2fs Ext2 file system driver (read-only)
srv fat FAT file system service
srv fhc FHC interrupt controller driver
srv fb Frame buffer service
srv file_bd File-backed block device
srv g_part GUID (EFI) partition driver
srv gxe_bd GXemul virtual disk driver
srv i8259 Intel 8259 interrupt controller driver
srv inetsrv Internet service (IP, ICMP)
srv input Input service (keyboard, mouse)
srv loader Executable loader
srv loopip Loopback IP link provider
srv locsrv Location service
srv locfs Location service file system, expose loc services
srv mbr_part MBR (PC-BIOS) partition driver
srv mfs MINIX FS file system service
srv ns Naming service
srv obio OBIO PCI interrupt controller driver
srv s3c24xx_uart Samsung S3C24xx on-chip UART driver (for GTA02)
srv s3c24xx_ts Samsung S3C24xx touch screen driver (for GTA02)
srv rd RAM-disk service
srv remcons Telnet-like network serial terminal server
srv taskmon Task monitoring service, initiate core dumps
srv tcp TCP network protocol service
srv tmpfs RAM-based file system
srv udp UDP network protocol service
srv vfs File System service
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