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HelenOS Command Reference

Cat. Command Description
app bdsh The shell, Brain Dead Shell
app edit Text Editor
app getterm Run command on a specified virtual console
app init Initialize the operating system
app kill Kill a task by TID
app killall Kill tasks whose name matches pattern
app klog Print and follow contents of kernel log
app mkfat Create empty FAT file system
app netecho Socket-based TCP/UDP echo server
app nettest1 Socket-based TCP/UDF test app
app nettest2 Socket-based TCP/UDP test app
app ping ICMP ping utility
app redir Run command with standard input, output, error output redirected to files
app sbi Interpreter of Sysel programming language
app stats List tasks, threads, CPUs
app sysinfo Print entries from kernel sysinfo tree
app taskdump Dump core, stack trace from a task
app tester Run various unit tests
app tetris Fork of BSD Tetris game
app top Monitor which tasks consume most resources
app trace Trace system calls made by a task
app websrv Web server stub