HelenOS on BeagleBone

Information pertaining to porting HelenOS to the BeagleBone single-board computer.


Supported models:

  • BeagleBone (original)

The BeagleBone has been supported since HelenOS 0.6.0.


The BeagleBone can be either netbooted or booted over serial.

In either case, start by build HelenOS for the arm32/beaglebone target. This produces an uImage.bin binary.

In order to boot over network, do:

U-Boot# dhcp
U-Boot# bootm

where is the IP address of the tftpboot server and /helenos/uImage.bin is the path to the HelenOS uboot image relative to the beginning of the tftpboot directory. }}}

Boot over serial takes much longer:

U-Boot# loady   # after this command, start sending the uImage.bin from the terminal program using the ymodem protocol
U-Boot# bootm
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