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23:08 Ticket #624 (Add support for Supervisor Mode Access Prevention (SMAP)) created by Martin Decky
Supervisor Mode Access Prevention (SMAP) is a feature of the Haswell …
23:00 Repositories edited by Martin Decky
remove merged and obsolete branch (diff)
00:01 Changeset in mainline [acb8766e]lfnserial by Michal Koutný <xm.koutny+hos@…>
Fixed obvious typo (fortunately not called in typical use case)


23:36 Changeset in mainline [1e3375b]lfnserial by Michal Koutný <xm.koutny+hos@…>
Merge from mainline


23:23 SOCISAppTemp edited by Martin Decky
add full-time question (diff)
23:19 GSOC edited by Martin Decky
record not acceptance (diff)


22:20 Changeset in mainline [9e5a51c]lfnserial by Jan Kolarik <kolarik@…>
Fixed PLL initialization value that blocked communication with …


10:53 Changeset in mainline [4cb0148]lfnserial by Jan Kolarik <kolarik@…>
Fixed some device settings that were previously taken from different …


14:33 Changeset in mainline [56c0930]lfnserial by Jan Kolarik <kolarik@…>
Started writing TX and RX handlers, VIF init, setting RX filter, PLL …


18:31 Ticket #622 (Window contents wraps around when the window is resized and its ...) created by Jakub Jermář
I noticed a strange behaviour on window resize (screenshot attached). …
02:19 Changeset in mainline [2c7fdaa]lfnserial by Martin Decky <martin@…>
resize only those windows that declare and support resizing …


16:12 Ticket #621 (Raspberry Pi USB controller driver) created by Jakub Jermář
Implement driver for the Raspberry Pi USB controller that will be part …
12:15 Changeset in mainline [ab365c4]lfnserial by Jan Kolarik <kolarik@…>
Created library for IEEE802.11 related stuff. Mostly done device …


14:02 Ticket #620 (Make proper unit tests from tester/print tests) created by Vojtech Horky
Some of the print/print*.c tests in the tester application were …
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