malloc_chunk Struct Reference

Data Fields

size_t prev_foot
size_t head

Detailed Description

Definition at line 958 of file malloc.c.

Field Documentation

size_t prev_foot

Definition at line 959 of file malloc.c.

Referenced by dlfree(), internal_memalign(), mmap_alloc(), and mmap_resize().

size_t head

Definition at line 960 of file malloc.c.

Referenced by add_segment(), dlfree(), dlmalloc(), init_top(), internal_mallinfo(), internal_malloc_stats(), internal_memalign(), internal_realloc(), mmap_resize(), and prepend_alloc().

struct malloc_chunk* fd

Definition at line 961 of file malloc.c.

Referenced by dlmalloc().

struct malloc_chunk* bk

Definition at line 962 of file malloc.c.

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