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Operating Systems ZOO

A semi-structured list of significant (for one reason or another) operating systems. The purpose of this list is to have a permanent source of references when doing any type of comparison, related work survey, etc. The fact that an operating system is listed (or is not listed) in this list has no implicit implication for HelenOS and signifies no specific relation.

Monolithic Systems

Monolithic Systems (written in assembler)

Microkernel Hybrid

  • OS X
    • iOS
    • XNU
    • Darwin
  • Dragonfly BSD

Microkernel Multiserver (mostly)

  • MINIX 3
  • GNU Hurd
  • QNX
    • Neutrino

The L4 Family of Microkernels

  • L3
  • seL4

Virtual Machine-Based

  • Inferno
  • Singularity

Exokernels / Unikernels


  • Xen
  • NOVA

Operating System Frameworks

  • Genode

Real-Time (single image monolithic)