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Screenshots & Screencasts

Common sense:

No sane person would ever admit they judge an operating system by its screenshots.


All In One

This screenshot captures some of the most prominent HelenOS features, such as a compositing GUI with its capability to display overlapping, transparent and rotated windows, support for sound, IPv4 and IPv6 networking, multitude of file systems, and a 64-bit multithreaded, multiprocessor kernel. The picture shown by the viewer application is called Colorful Prague and is a courtesy of Miroslav Petrasko. The large yellow building with red roof and about a dozen chimneys touching the left border is the School of Computer Science of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague. That building could tell stories about the history of HelenOS.



Jainja JVM

Jainja JVM on HelenOS

GTA02 boot

GTA02 boot

Playing with block devices and file systems

Console with block device and filesystem commands.

Kernel console

Kernel console with task list, zones and uptime commands.


Application no. 1: Tetris


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