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Record progress from the previous release, part 2.


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    v14 v15  
    3838   * New DDF driver for the Intel PCI bus controller.
    3939   * New DDF driver for the ns8250 serial port.
     40 * ```file_bd``` can take the block size as a parameter.
     41 * Minimalistic support for ATAPI CD-ROM in ```ata_bd```.
    4143=== File Systems ===
    4345 * FAT file system server
    4446   * Sequential file I/O has linear time complexity in number of blocks for most use patterns. Previously, time complexity of sequential I/O was always quadratic in number of blocks.
     47 * DEVFS was improved to handle recursive requests better.
     48 * VFS now supports file systems that wish to serialize I/O on files themselves.
     49 * VFS uses async framework sessions to allow making parallel requests to endpoint file systems.
     50 * VFS now maintains per-client tables of open files as compared to per-connection tables.
    4652=== Networking ===
    5056 * The dp8390 NIC driver has been almost entirely rewritten.
    5157 * The ARP module will now wait for answer to each request it sends so that e.g. the first ping will not time out.
     58 * The TCP module got some fixes, but is still not working as expected.
    5360=== Applications ===
    5865 * Languages
    5966   * Added ```sbi``` interpreter of the [wiki:Sysel] experimental programming language.
     67 * ```klog``` writes its output also to /log/klog.
     68 * Task termination
     69   * Added ```kill``` command to kill a specific task by its task ID.
     70   * Added ```killall``` command to kill all tasks of the given name.
     71 * Added simple ```sysinfo``` command to allow basic sysinfo tree inspection from user interface.
    6173=== Libraries ===
    6880   * Robustness
    6981     * The standard library will detect and report programming errors such as certain types of deadlocks,  improper mixing of serialization means, and when locks are not being held as necessary.
     82   * Concurrency
     83     * Added the concept of sessions to the async framework, giving async framework clients a standard means of making parallel requests.
     84     * The VFS client code was rewritten to make use of the async framework sessions.
    7085 * Added ```clui``` library to be used by applications with some form of text input.
    7186   * CLUI-based applications can be terminated by pressing Ctrl-Q when waiting for text input.
    7994   * It is now possible to do a barebone build in which only essential binaries are included.
    8095   * Support for GCC 4.5+ link-time optimizations.
     96 * The temporary file system is mounted under /tmp.
    8298== Regressions in This Release ==