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Start a GSoC student application template page

GSoC Student Application Template

  1. Basic & Contact information

Full Name: Preferred Name / Nickname: Age:

Address of Residence: E-mail: Phone number (incl. international prefix): Other means of contact (Jabber, Skype, etc.):

University / College: Study Program / Specialization: What year are you in:

  1. Motivation & Experience

Why did you choose HelenOS?

What project did you choose?

Why did you choose exactly that project?

What past experience in this area do you have? Be as specific as possible, provide pointers for reference.

Can you name some of the most difficult challenges that you had to cope with in your previous experience in this area?

Why should we assign the project to you?

Will you be willing to work on the project even after Google Summer of Code 2011 is over and the project can be extended in an interesting way?

Do you plan to do something else as a summer job?

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