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Changes between Initial Version and Version 3 of Ticket #414

2012-03-04T19:40:09Z (8 years ago)
Vojtech Horky


  • Ticket #414

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  • Ticket #414 – Description

    initial v3  
     1Design and implement graceful shutdown of HelenOS.
     4 Details::
     5 The current support for shutdown in HelenOS is rather minimal.
     6 It is possible to halt the CPUs or reboot the machine.
     7 What is missing is a ''graceful'' way to tell running tasks that the system is about to be shut down.
     8 For example, the reboot sequence now consists of forceful kill of all existing tasks.[[br]]
     9 The goal is to design and implement way to notify tasks of imminent shutdown (reboot) to allow them terminate in a clean and consistent way.
     10 The design decisions must reflect microkernel-specific issues, such as order of shutdown of vital services (e. g. VFS, naming service or drivers).
     13 What Gains and Benefits will this bring?::
     14 The benefits of this task come at rather low level but are nevertheless very important.
     15 Graceful shutdown means that drivers could terminate communication with hardware in a predictable manner or that filesystem servers would be able to unmount file systems cleanly.
     18 Difficulty::
     19 Medium to difficult. The solution will require work both in kernel and in userspace.
     22 Required skills::
     23 A successful applicant will have good skills of programming in the C languages and the ability to survive in a non-standard non-POSIX application environment.
     26 Possible mentors::
     27 HelenOS Core Team