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#383 USB device removal major helenos/usb/other mainline 13 years
#390 Support for USB communication abort. major helenos/usb/other mainline 12 years
#554 C-style checking tool Jiri Svoboda major helenos-infrastructure 11 years
#565 scanf family of functions Jiri Svoboda major helenos/lib/c mainline 10 years
#654 C++ support major helenos/unspecified mainline 8 years
#674 Implement virtio-net driver major helenos/net/other mainline 7 years
#696 Three character device interfaces is a crowd Jiri Svoboda major helenos/unspecified mainline 7 years
#714 Pcut results reporting sets of mental alarms Vojtech Horky major helenos/unspecified mainline 6 years
#126 Breakage and regression monitoring tool minor web mainline 15 years
#475 File system probing Jakub Jermář minor helenos/srv/vfs mainline 12 years
#706 async_usleep vs fibril_usleep vs thread_usleep Jiri Svoboda minor helenos/unspecified mainline 6 years
#709 Enable to cope with missing libraries automatically minor helenos/unspecified mainline 6 years
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