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#186 Networking framework does not support parallel build defect critical mainline fixed
#130 Self replication enhancement major mainline duplicate
#141 ATAPI optical drive support Jiri Svoboda enhancement major mainline fixed
#144 Device drivers interface in HelenOS system enhancement major mainline fixed
#146 Modern operating system without MMU enhancement major mainline deferred
#200 C streams need read buffering defect major mainline fixed
#219 kernel panic on amd64 defect major mainline worksforme
#225 After merge measuring branch to mainline top echoes weird load Martin Decky defect major mainline wontfix
#244 Exiting thread causes Udebug begin to block forever Jiri Svoboda defect major mainline fixed
#247 Early kernel debugging enhancement major mainline fixed
#302 GTA02 touchscreen does not work defect major fixed
#31 Revision of panics Martin Decky enhancement minor mainline fixed
#178 ADB drivers are buggy in PearPC defect minor mainline deferred
#237 Sysinfo syscalls can loop forever Martin Decky defect minor mainline fixed
#254 Improve IPC terminology enhancement minor mainline worksforme
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