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Interrupt redirector. More...

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iroutine exc_register (int n, const char *name, iroutine f)
void exc_dispatch (int n, istate_t *t)
static void exc_undef (int n, istate_t *istate)
static int exc_print_cmd (cmd_arg_t *argv)
void exc_init (void)


struct {
   const char *   name
   iroutine   f
   int   count
   zone_t *   info [ZONES_MAX]
exc_table [IVT_ITEMS]
static cmd_info_t exc_info

Detailed Description

This file provides means of registering interrupt handlers by kernel functions and calling the handlers when interrupts occur.

Definition in file interrupt.c.

Variable Documentation

iroutine f

Definition at line 53 of file interrupt.c.

Referenced by clock(), cmd_call0(), cmd_call1(), cmd_call2(), cmd_call3(), cushion(), and exc_print_cmd().

const char* name

Definition at line 52 of file interrupt.c.

Referenced by cmd_init(), exc_print_cmd(), symtab_compl(), and version_print().

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