Ticket #752: hound.log

File hound.log, 30.7 KB (added by Jakub Jermář, 5 years ago)
1Program loader at 0xffff8000003ac000
2RAM disk at 0x0000000000314000 (size 33554432 bytes)
3Kernel console ready (press any key to activate)
4[init:ns(2)] ns: HelenOS IPC Naming Service
5[init:ns(2)] ns: Accepting connections
6[init:init(3)] init: HelenOS init
7[init:locsrv(4)] loc: HelenOS Location Service
8[init:rd(5)] rd: HelenOS RAM disk server
9[init:rd(5)] rd: Found RAM disk at 0x0000000000314000, 33554432 bytes
10[init:vfs(6)] vfs: HelenOS VFS server
11[init:logger(7)] logger: HelenOS Logging Service
12[init:ext4fs(8)] ext4fs: HelenOS ext4 file system server
13[init:logger(7)] logger: Accepting connections
14[init:locsrv(4)] loc: Accepting connections
15[init:vfs(6)] vfs: Accepting connections
16[init:rd(5)] rd: Accepting connections
17[init:ext4fs(8)] ext4fs: Accepting connections
18[init:init(3)] init: Root file system mounted on / (ext4fs at bd/initrd)
19[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/fs/tmpfs
20[/srv/fs/tmpfs(9)] tmpfs: HelenOS TMPFS file system server
21[/srv/fs/tmpfs(9)] tmpfs: Accepting connections
22[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/fs/exfat
23[/srv/fs/exfat(10)] exfat: HelenOS exFAT file system server
24[/srv/fs/exfat(10)] exfat: Accepting connections
25[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/fs/fat
26[/srv/fs/fat(11)] fat: HelenOS FAT file system server
27[/srv/fs/fat(11)] fat: Accepting connections
28[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/fs/cdfs
29[/srv/fs/cdfs(12)] cdfs: HelenOS cdfs file system server
30[/srv/fs/cdfs(12)] cdfs: Accepting connections
31[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/fs/mfs
32[/srv/fs/mfs(13)] mfs: HelenOS Minix file system server
33[/srv/fs/mfs(13)] mfs: Accepting connections
34[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/klog
35[kernel/arch] warn: MADT: Skipping L_APIC_NMI entry (type=4)
36[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/fs/locfs
37[kernel/other] note: Program loader at 0xffff8000003ac000
38[kernel/other] note: RAM disk at 0x0000000000314000 (size 33554432 bytes)
39[/srv/fs/locfs(15)] locfs: HelenOS Device Filesystem
40[/srv/fs/locfs(15)] locfs: Accepting connections
41[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/taskmon
42[/srv/taskmon(16)] taskmon: Task Monitoring Service
43[init:init(3)] init: Location service file system mounted on /loc (locfs)
44[init:init(3)] init: Temporary file system mounted on /tmp (tmpfs)
45[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/devman
46[/srv/devman(17)] devman: HelenOS Device Manager
47[/srv/devman(17)] devman: Accepting connections.
48[/drv/root/root(18)] root: HelenOS root device driver
49[init:init(3)] init: Unable to stat /srv/hid/s3c24xx_uart
50[devman] note: The `root' driver was successfully registered as running.
51[init:init(3)] init: Unable to stat /srv/hid/s3c24xx_ts
52[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/bd/vbd
53[/srv/bd/vbd(19)] vbd: Virtual Block Device service
54[/srv/bd/vbd(19)] vbd: Accepting connections.
55[/drv/virt/virt(20)] virt: HelenOS virtual devices root driver
56[/drv/pc/pc(21)] pc: HelenOS PC platform driver
57[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/volsrv
58[devman] note: The `virt' driver was successfully registered as running.
59[devman] note: The `pc' driver was successfully registered as running.
60[virt] note: Registered child device `kfb'
61[/srv/volsrv(22)] volsrv: Volume service
62[/drv/pciintel/pciintel(24)] pciintel: HelenOS PCI bus driver (Intel method 1).
63[devman] note: The `pciintel' driver was successfully registered as running.
64[/drv/kfb/kfb(23)] kfb: HelenOS kernel framebuffer driver
65[devman] note: The `kfb' driver was successfully registered as running.
66[devman] note: Function `/virt/kfb/vsl0' added to category `visualizer'.
67[/srv/volsrv(22)] volsrv: Accepting connections.
68[/drv/kfb/kfb(23)] kfb: Accepting connections
69[devman] error: No driver found for device `/hw/sys/00:00.0'.
70[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/net/loopip
71[devman] error: No driver found for device `/hw/sys/00:01.1'.
72[pciintel] note: Function 00:01.2 uses irq b.
73[pciintel] note: Function 00:01.3 uses irq 9.
74[devman] error: No driver found for device `/hw/sys/00:01.3'.
75[devman] error: No driver found for device `/hw/sys/00:02.0'.
76[pciintel] note: Function 00:03.0 uses irq b.
77[pciintel] note: Function 00:04.0 uses irq b.
78[pciintel] note: Function 00:05.0 uses irq a.
79[/srv/net/loopip(25)] loopip: HelenOS loopback IP link provider
80[/srv/net/loopip(25)] loopip: Accepting connections.
81[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/net/ethip
82[/drv/isa/isa(26)] isa: HelenOS ISA bus driver
83[devman] note: The `isa' driver was successfully registered as running.
84[isa] note: Added mem range (addr=0x20, size=0x2) to function i8259
85[isa] note: Added mem range (addr=0xa0, size=0x2) to function i8259
86[isa] note: Added mem range (addr=0xfec00000, size=0x14) to function apic
87[isa] note: Added irq 0x4 to function com1
88[isa] note: Added io range (addr=0x3f8, size=0x8) to function com1
89[isa] note: Added irq 0x3 to function com2
90[isa] note: Added io range (addr=0x2f8, size=0x8) to function com2
91[isa] note: Added irq 0x1 to function i8042
92[/drv/uhci/uhci(27)] uhci: HelenOS UHCI driver.
93[isa] note: Added irq 0xc to function i8042
94[devman] note: The `uhci' driver was successfully registered as running.
95[isa] note: Added io range (addr=0x60, size=0x5) to function i8042
96[devman] note: Function `/hw/sys/00:01.2/ctl' added to category `usbhc'.
97[/drv/hdaudio/hdaudio(30)] hdaudio: High Definition Audio driver
98[/drv/e1k/e1k(28)] e1k: HelenOS E1000 network adapter driver[/srv/net/ethip(31)] ethip: HelenOS IP over Ethernet service
99[devman] note: The `hdaudio' driver was successfully registered as running.
100[isa] note: Added irq 0x5 to function ne2k
101[/srv/net/ethip(31)] ethip: Accepting connections.
102[hdaudio] note: hda_dev_add()
103[isa] note: Added io range (addr=0x300, size=0x20) to function ne2k
105[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/net/inetsrv
106[hdaudio] note: create parent sess
107[devman] note: The `e1k' driver was successfully registered as running.
108[isa] note: Added io range (addr=0x220, size=0x20) to function sb16
109[hdaudio] note: get HW res list
110[isa] note: Added io range (addr=0x330, size=0x2) to function sb16
111[hdaudio] note: hda reg base: febf4000
112[hdaudio] note: enable PIO
113[isa] note: Added irq 0x5 to function sb16
114[hdaudio] note: IRQs: 1
115[hdaudio] note: interrupt no: 10
116[hdaudio] note: range0.base=4273946624
117[isa] note: Added dma 0x1 to function sb16
118[isa] note: Added dma 0x5 to function sb16
119[devman] note: Function `/hw/sys/00:03.0/port0' added to category `nic'.
120[isa] note: Added io range (addr=0x70, size=0x2) to function cmos-rtc
121[devman] note: The `xhci' driver was successfully registered as running.
122[isa] note: Added io range (addr=0x1f0, size=0x8) to function ata-c1
123[devman] note: Function `/hw/sys/00:04.0/ctl' added to category `usbhc'.
124[/drv/i8259/i8259(32)] i8259: i8259 Interrupt Controller driver
125[isa] note: Added io range (addr=0x3f0, size=0x8) to function ata-c1
126[devman] note: The `i8259' driver was successfully registered as running.
127[/drv/apic/apic(33)] apic: APIC driver
128[devman] note: The `apic' driver was successfully registered as running.
129[/drv/i8259/i8259(32)] i8259: No i8259 found
130[isa] note: Added io range (addr=0x170, size=0x8) to function ata-c2
131[/drv/ns8250/ns8250(34)] ns8250: HelenOS serial port driver
132[isa] note: Added io range (addr=0x370, size=0x8) to function ata-c2
133[devman] note: The `ns8250' driver was successfully registered as running.
134[/drv/i8042/i8042(35)] i8042: HelenOS PS/2 driver.
135[devman] note: Function `/hw/sys/00:01.0/apic/a' added to category `irc'.
136[isa] note: Added io range (addr=0x1e8, size=0x8) to function ata-c3
137[devman] note: The `i8042' driver was successfully registered as running.
138[isa] note: Added io range (addr=0x3e8, size=0x8) to function ata-c3
139[ns8250] note: Device com1 was assigned irq = 0x4.
140[ns8250] note: Device com1 was assigned I/O address = 0x0x3f8.
141[isa] note: Added io range (addr=0x168, size=0x8) to function ata-c4
142[isa] note: Added io range (addr=0x368, size=0x8) to function ata-c4
143[devman] note: Function `/hw/sys/00:01.0/com1/a' added to category `serial'.
144[ns8250] note: Device com1 successfully initialized.
145[i8042] note: Controlling 'i8042' (42).
146[isa] note: Finished enumerating legacy functions
147[ns8250] note: Device com2 was assigned irq = 0x3.
148[ns8250] note: Device com2 was assigned I/O address = 0x0x2f8.
149[devman] error: No driver found for device `/hw/sys/00:01.0/com2'.
150[uhci] note: Controlling new `uhci' device `00:01.2'.
151[hdaudio] note: HDA version 1.0
152[hdaudio] note: reg 0xe STATESTS = 0x1
153[hdaudio] note: after clearing reg 0xe STATESTS = 0x0
154[hdaudio] note: Taking controller out of reset.
155[hdaudio] note: gctl=0x1
156[hdaudio] note: Controller is out of reset.
157[hdaudio] note: Read GCAP
158[hdaudio] note: GCAP: 0x4401 (64OK=1)
159[/srv/net/inetsrv(36)] inetsrv: HelenOS Internet Protocol service
160[xhci] note: Connected satte changed on port 1.
161[hdaudio] note: iss: 4, oss: 4, bss: 0
162[/drv/ne2k/ne2k(37)] ne2k: HelenOS NE 2000 network adapter driver
163[devman] note: The `ne2k' driver was successfully registered as running.
164[hdaudio] note: STATESTS = 0x0
165[/srv/net/inetsrv(36)] inetsrv: Accepting connections.
166[xhci] note: Connected state changed on port 2.
167[/drv/cmos-rtc/cmos-rtc(39)] cmos-rtc: HelenOS RTC driver
168[hdaudio] note: intctl (0x20) := 0xc0000000
169[xhci] note: Connected state changed on port 3.
170[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/net/tcp
171[devman] error: No driver found for device `/hw/sys/00:01.0/ne2k'.
172[xhci] note: Connected state changed on port 4.
173[hdaudio] note: hda_corb_init()
174[devman] note: The `cmos-rtc' driver was successfully registered as running.
175[/drv/sb16/sb16(38)] sb16: HelenOS SB16 audio drix[ch]i note: Connected state changed on prot 5.v
177[hdaudio] note: Setting CORB Size register to 0x42
178[xhci] note: Connected state changed on port 6.
179[hdaudio] note: Set CORB base registers
180[devman] note: The `sb16' driver was successfully registered as running.
181[cmos-rtc] note: Device cmos-rtc was assigned I/O address 0x70
182[/drv/ata_bd/ata_bd(40)] ata_bd: HelenOS ATA(PI) device driver
183[xhci] note: Connected state changed on port 7.
184[hdaudio] note: Reset CORB Read/Write pointers
185[xhci] note: Connected state changed on port 8.
186[hdaudio] note: CORBctl (0x4c) = 0x2
187[devmna] noet: The `ata_bd' driver was successfully regisetred as running.
188[/drv/xtkbd/xtkbd(41)] xtkbd: H[xhci] note: Controlling enw `xhci' device `00:04.0'.
189elenOhd[audio] not:e CORB initialized
190S XT keyboard driver.
191[/drv/ps2mouse/ps2mouse(42)] ps2mouse: HelenOS ps/2 mouse driver.
192[hadudio] note: hda_rirb_init()
193[sb16] note: PIO registers at 0x0000000000000220 accessible.
194[devman] note: Function `/hw/sys/00:01.0/cmos-rtc/a' added to category `clock'.
195[hdaudio] note: Setting RIRB Size register to 0x42
196[cmos-rtc] note: Device cmos-rtc successfully initialized
197[devman] note: The `xtkbd' driver was successfully registered as running.
198[hdaudio] note: Set RIRB base registers
199[sb16] error: Invalid DSP reset response: ff.
200[hdaudio] note: Reset RIRB Write pointer
201[sb16] error: Failed to initialize SB DSP: [EIO]Input/output error.
202[hdaudio] note: RIRBctl (0x5c) = 0x2
203[sb16] error: Failed to init sb16 driver: [EIO]Input/output error.
204[devman] note: The `ps2mouse' driver was successfully registered as running.
205[ata_bd] note: I/O address 0x00000000000001f0/0x00000000000003f0
206[hdaudio] note: RIRB initialized
207[/drv/usbhub/usbhub(43)] usbhub: HelenOS USB hub driver.
208[hdaudio] note: call hda_codec_init()
209[ata_bd] note: Identify drive 0...
210[ata_bd] note: ATA register-only device found.
211[devman] note: Function `/hw/sys/00:01.0/i8042/ps2a/kbd' added to category `keyboard'.
212[ata_bd] note: QEMU HARDDISK: LBA-48 200000 blocks 97 MB.
213[hdaudio] note: hda_get_subnc -> EOK
214[xtkbd] note: Controlling 'ps2a' (59).
215[devman] note: The `usbhub' driver was successfully registered as running.
216[ata_bd] note: Identify drive 1...
217[hdaudio] note: sfg=1 nfg=1
218[devman] note: Function `/hw/sys/00:01.0/i8042/ps2b/mouse' added to category `mouse'.
219[hdaudio] note: Enumerate FG 1
220[hdaudio] note: hda_get_fgrp_type -> EOK
221[/srv/net/tcp(44)] tcp: TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) network module
222[ps2mouse] note: Enabled IntelliMouse extensions
223[hdaudio] note: unsol: 0, grptype: 1
224[hdaudio] note: GPIO: wake=0 unsol=0 gpis=0 gpos=0 gpios=0
225[hdaudio] note: aw 1 is power control-capable
226[/srv/net/tcp(44)] tcp: Accepting connections.
227[hdaudio] note: aw 1: power state = 0x0
228[usbhub] note: (0x0000000000656a50): Power switching not supported, ports always powered.
229[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/net/udp
230[ps2mouse] note: Enabled 4th and 5th button.
231[hdaudio] note: hda_get_subnc -> EOK
232[ps2mouse] note: Controlling 'ps2b' (62).
233[hdaudio] note: saw=2 baw=4
234[usbhub] note: Controlling full-speed hub 'roothub' (0x0000000000656a50: 2 ports).
235[hdaudio] note: aw 2: type=0x0 caps=0x1d
236[hdaudio] note: Output widget 2: rates=0x201fc formats=0x1
237[hdaudio] note: out amp caps 0x80034a4a (offset=0x4a)
238[/srv/net/udp(45)] udp: UDP (User Datagram Protocol) service
239[/srv/net/udp(45)] udp: Accepting connections.
240[hdaudio] note: gain/mute: L:0x4a R:0x4a
241[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/net/dnsrsrv
242[hdaudio] note: aw 3: type=0x4 caps=0x400101
243[hdaudio] note: Connections for widget 3:
244[ata_bd] note: Not found.
245[devman] note: Function `/hw/sys/00:01.0/ata-c1/d0' added to category `disk'.
246[vbd] note: Found disk '49'
247[hdaudio] note: <- 2 *** current ***
248[ata_bd] note: I/O address 0x0000000000000170/0x0000000000000370
249[ata_bd] note: Identify drive 0...
250[ata_bd] note: QEMU DVD-ROM: PACKET 18849 blocks 9 MB.
251[hdaudio] note: aw 3: PIN cdfgef=0x4010
252[ata_bd] note: Identify drive 1...
253[vbd] note: Recognized disk label. Adding partitions.
254[volsrv] note: Found partition '50'
255[hdaudio] note: aw 3 : PIN caps=0x10
256[hdaudio] note: PIN 3 will enable output
257[/srv/net/dnsrsrv(46)] dnsres: DNS Resolution Service
258[hdaudio] note: Setting PIN 3 ctl to 0x40
259[volsrv] note: vol_part_add_locked(50)
260[volsrv] note: partition 50 is new
261[volsrv] note: Probe partition devices/\hw\sys\00:01.0\ata-c1\d0p1
262[hdaudio] note: PIN 3 ctl reads as 0x40
263[/srv/net/dnsrsrv(46)] dnsres: Accepting connections.
264[hdaudio] note: aw 4: type=0x1 caps=0x10011b
265[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/net/dhcp
266[hdaudio] note: Connections for widget 4:
267[hdaudio] note: <- 5 *** current ***
268[hdaudio] note: Selected input widget 4
269[hdaudio] note: Input widget 4: rates=0x201fc formats=0x1
270[hdaudio] note: in amp caps 0x0 (offset=0x0)
271[hdaudio] note: in:0 gain/mute: L:0x0 R:0x0
272[hdaudio] note: in:1 gain/mute: L:0x0 R:0x0
273[volsrv] note: Partition does not contain a recognized file system.
274[hdaudio] note: in:2 gain/mute: L:0x0 R:0x0
275[hdaudio] note: in:3 gain/mute: L:0x0 R:0x0
276[volsrv] note: vol_volume_add_locked(0x0000000000653dc0)
277[/srv/net/dhcp(47)] dhcp: DHCP Service
278[hdaudio] note: in:4 gain/mute: L:0x0 R:0x0
279[volsrv] note: Default mount point 'None'
280[hdaudio] note: in:5 gain/mute: L:0x0 R:0x0
281[volsrv] note: Not mounting volume.
282[hdaudio] note: in:6 gain/mute: L:0x0 R:0x0
283[/srv/net/dhcp(47)] dhcp: Accepting connections.
284[volsrv] note: Added partition 50
285[hdaudio] note: in:7 gain/mute: L:0x0 R:0x0
286[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/net/nconfsrv
287[hdaudio] note: in:8 gain/mute: L:0x0 R:0x0
288[hdaudio] note: in:9 gain/mute: L:0x0 R:0x0
289[hdaudio] note: in:10 gain/mute: L:0x0 R:0x0
290[hdaudio] note: in:11 gain/mute: L:0x0 R:0x0
291[hdaudio] note: in:12 gain/mute: L:0x0 R:0x0
292[hdaudio] note: in:13 gain/mute: L:0x0 R:0x0
293[hdaudio] note: in:14 gain/mute: L:0x0 R:0x0
294[hdaudio] note: aw 5: type=0x4 caps=0x400001
295[hdaudio] note: Connections for widget 5:
296[hdaudio] note: aw 5: PIN cdfgef=0x805020
297[ata_bd] note: Not found.
298[hdaudio] note: aw 5 : PIN caps=0x20
299[hdaudio] note: PIN 5 will enable input
300[/srv/net/nconfsrv(48)] nconfsrv: HelenOS Network configuration service
301[devman] note: Function `/hw/sys/00:01.0/ata-c2/d0' added to category `disk'.
302[hdaudio] note: Setting PIN 5 ctl to 0x20
303[vbd] note: Found disk '53'
304[ata_bd] note: I/O address 0x00000000000001e8/0x00000000000003e8
305[ata_bd] note: Identify drive 0...
306[hdaudio] note: PIN 5 ctl reads as 0x20
307[nconfsrv] note: Found IP link '34'
308[hdaudio] note: corbwp=76, corbrp=76
309[hdaudio] note: corbctl=0x2, corbsts=0x0
310[hdaudio] note: rirbwp=0x4c, soft-rirbrp=0x4c
311[vbd] note: Recognized disk label. Adding partitions.
312[nconfsrv] note: Configure link net/loopback
313[hdaudio] note: solrb_wp=0x4c, solrb_rp=0x4c
314[hdaudio] note: Codec OK
315[volsrv] note: Found partition '55'
316[hdaudio] note: intsts=0x0
317[volsrv] note: vol_part_add_locked(55)
318[hdaudio] note: sdesc[4].sts=0x20
319[volsrv] note: partition 55 is new
320[hdaudio] note: create function
321[volsrv] note: Probe partition devices/\hw\sys\00:01.0\ata-c2\d0p0
322[nconfsrv] note: Found IP link '38'
323[devman] note: Function `/hw/sys/00:05.0/pcm' added to category `audio-pcm'.
324[nconfsrv] note: Configure link net/eth1
325[volsrv] note: Found cdfs, label 'HelenOS-CD'
326[volsrv] note: vol_volume_add_locked(0x0000000000756c20)
327[volsrv] note: Default mount point 'Auto'
328[volsrv] note: Determine MP label='HelenOS-CD'
329[volsrv] note: Create mount point '/vol/HelenOS-CD'
330[udp] note: udp_assoc_set_nolocal_srv()
331[volsrv] note: Call vfs_mount_path mp='/vol/HelenOS-CD' fstype='cdfs' svc_name='devices/\hw\sys\00:01.0\ata-c2\d0p0'
332[udp] note: Setting nolocal to true
333[volsrv] note: Mount to /vol/HelenOS-CD -> 0
334[volsrv] note: Added partition 55
335[/srv/net/nconfsrv(48)] nconfsrv: Accepting connections.
336[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/clipboard
337[ata_bd] note: Not found.
338[ata_bd] note: Identify drive 1...
339[/srv/clipboard(49)] clipboard: HelenOS clipboard service
340[/srv/clipboard(49)] clipboard: Accepting connections
341[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/hid/remcons
342[ata_bd] note: Not found.
343[/srv/hid/remcons(50)] remcons: HelenOS Remote console service
344[ata_bd] warn: No disks detected.
345[ata_bd] error: Failed initializing ATA controller.
346[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/hid/input
347[ata_bd] note: I/O address 0x0000000000000168/0x0000000000000368
348[ata_bd] note: Identify drive 0...
349[/srv/hid/input(51)] input: HelenOS input service
350[/srv/hid/input(51)] input: Connected keyboard device 'devices/\hw\sys\00:01.0\i8042\ps2a\kbd'
351[/srv/hid/input(51)] input: Connected mouse device 'devices/\hw\sys\00:01.0\i8042\ps2b\mouse'
352[/srv/hid/input(51)] input: Accepting connections
353[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/hid/output
354[ata_bd] note: Not found.
355[/srv/hid/output(52)] output: HelenOS output service
356[ata_bd] note: Identify drive 1...
357[/srv/hid/output(52)] output: Accepting connections
358[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/audio/hound
359[/srv/audio/hound(53)] hound: HelenOS sound service
360[hound] note: Running with service id 62
361[hound] note: Added new device: 'devices/\hw\sys\00:05.0\pcm'
362[hdaudio] note: hda_query_cap(0)
363[hdaudio] note: hda_query_cap(1)
364[volsrv] note: vol_get_volumes_srv()
365[ata_bd] note: Not found.
366[volsrv] note: vol_get_volumes_srv()
367[ata_bd] warn: No disks detected.
368[init:init(3)] init: Creating live image directory structure.
369[ata_bd] error: Failed initializing ATA controller.
370[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/hid/compositor
371[dhcp] note: net/eth1: dhcpsrv_discover_timeout
372[/srv/hid/compositor(54)] compositor: HelenOS Compositor server
373[/srv/hid/compositor(54)] compositor: Accepting connections
374[init:init(3)] init: Spawning /app/barber comp:0/winreg
375[init:init(3)] init: Spawning /app/vlaunch comp:0/winreg
376[init:init(3)] init: Spawning /app/vterm comp:0/winreg
377[init:init(3)] init: Starting /srv/hid/console
378[/srv/hid/console(59)] console: HelenOS Console service
379[/srv/hid/console(59)] console: Accepting connections
380[init:init(3)] init: Spawning /app/getterm term/vc0 /loc --msg --wait -- /app/bdsh
381[dhcp] note: net/eth1: dhcpsrv_discover_timeout
382[init:init(3)] init: Spawning /app/getterm term/vc1 /loc --wait -- /app/bdsh
383[init:init(3)] init: Spawning /app/getterm term/vc2 /loc --wait -- /app/bdsh
384[init:init(3)] init: Spawning /app/getterm term/vc3 /loc --wait -- /app/bdsh
385[init:init(3)] init: Spawning /app/getterm term/vc4 /loc --wait -- /app/bdsh
386[init:init(3)] init: Spawning /app/getterm term/vc5 /loc --wait -- /app/bdsh
387[dhcp] note: net/eth1: dhcpsrv_discover_timeout
388[hound] note: Trying to add context 0x00000000008554d0
389[hound] note: iface_get_list: 0x0000000000629700, 1, (NULL), 0x2
390[hound] note: iface_connect: 0x0000000000629700, 67:demo.wav -> devices/\hw\sys\00:05.0\pcm
391[hdaudio] note: hda_test_format(2, 44100, 4)
392[hdaudio] note: hda_get_buffer(): hda=0x0000000000655ea0
393[hdaudio] note: hda_get_buffer() - allocate stream buffers
394[hdaudio] note: Stream buf phys=0x968000 virt=0x0000000005659000
395[hdaudio] note: Stream buf phys=0x96c000 virt=0x000000000565d000
396[hdaudio] note: Stream buf phys=0x970000 virt=0x0000000005661000
397[hdaudio] note: Stream buf phys=0x974000 virt=0x0000000005665000
398[hdaudio] note: hda_get_buffer() - fill info
399[hdaudio] note: hda_get_buffer() returing EOK, buffer=0x0000000000968000, size=65536
400[hdaudio] note: hda_set_event_session()
401[hdaudio] note: hda_start_playback()
402[hdaudio] note: hda_start_playback() - create output stream
403[hdaudio] note: snum=1 sdidx=4
404[hdaudio] note: Configure stream descriptor
405[hdaudio] note: Configure output converter format
406[hdaudio] note: Configure output converter stream, channel
407[hdaudio] note: hda_solrb_read() - last ditch effort process RIRB
408[hdaudio] note: hda_stream_start()
409[dhcp] note: net/eth1: dhcpsrv_discover_timeout
410[hound] warn: Not enough data in stream buffer
411[hound] warn: Removing source '67:demo.wav' while still connected.
412[hdaudio] note: hda_stop_playback()
413[hound] warn: Connection failed to provide enough data 0/4096
414[hdaudio] note: hda_stream_stop()
415Task /srv/audio/hound (53) killed due to an exception at program counter 0x00000000004027c6.
416cs =0x0000000000000023 rip=0x00000000004027c6 rfl=0x0000000000210202 err=0x0000000000000004
417ss =0x000000000000001b
418rax=0x0000000000000020 rbx=0x00000000008551f0 rcx=0x0000000000000002 rdx=0x0000000000000003
419rsi=0x0000000000000004 rdi=0x0000000000000020 rbp=0x0000000000a69de0 rsp=0x0000000000a69dd0
420r8 =0x0000000000000004 r9 =0x0000000000000000 r10=0x0000000000000000 r11=0x0000000000200216
421r12=0x0000000000000000 r13=0x0000000000000000 r14=0x0000000000000000 r15=0x0000000000000000
4220x0000000000a69de0: 0x00000000004027c6()
4230x0000000000a69e30: 0x0000000000402b2f()
4240x0000000000a69e90: 0x000000000040217e()
4250x0000000000a69f40: 0x0000000000401686()
4260x0000000000a69fd0: 0x00000000004174a1()
4270x0000000000a69ff0: 0x00000000004132e0()
428Kill message: Page fault: 0x0000000000000038.
429[/srv/taskmon(16)] taskmon: Task 53 fault in thread 0xffffffff845463d0.
430[/srv/taskmon(16)] taskmon: Executing /app/taskdump -t 53
431[hdaudio] note: hda_stream_reset()
432[/app/taskdump(68)] Task Dump Utility
433[/app/taskdump(68)] Dumping task '/srv/audio/hound' (task ID 53).
434[/app/taskdump(68)] Loaded symbol table from /srv/audio/hound
435[/app/taskdump(68)] Threads:
436[/app/taskdump(68)] [1] hash: 0xffffffff845463d0
437[/app/taskdump(68)] Thread 0xffffffff845463d0: PC = 0x00000000004027c6 (audio_pipe_frames+43). FP = 0x0000000000a69de0
438[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000a69de0: 0x00000000004027c6 (audio_pipe_frames+43)
439[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000a69e30: 0x0000000000402b2f (connection_add_source_data+116)
440[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000a69e90: 0x000000000040217e (audio_sink_mix_inputs+163)
441[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000a69f40: 0x0000000000401686 (device_event_callback+225)
442[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000a69fd0: 0x00000000004174a1 (connection_fibril+288)
443[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000a69ff0: 0x00000000004132e0 (_fibril_main+59)
444[/app/taskdump(68)] Address space areas:
445[/app/taskdump(68)] [1] flags: R-XC base: 0x0000000000400000 size: 163840
446[/app/taskdump(68)] [2] flags: RW-C base: 0x0000000000628000 size: 126976
447[/app/taskdump(68)] [3] flags: RW-C base: 0x0000000000647000 size: 4096
448[/app/taskdump(68)] [4] flags: RW-C base: 0x0000000000649000 size: 4096
449[/app/taskdump(68)] [5] flags: RW-C base: 0x000000000064b000 size: 4096
450[/app/taskdump(68)] [6] flags: RW-C base: 0x000000000064d000 size: 4096
451[/app/taskdump(68)] [7] flags: R--C base: 0x000000000064f000 size: 4096
452[/app/taskdump(68)][hdaudio] not:e hda_stream_desrtoy()
453 [8] flags: RW-C base: 0x0000000000650000 size: 8192
454[/app/taskdump(68)] [9] flags: RW-C base: 0x0000000000653000 size: 1048576
455[/app/taskdump(68)] [10] flags: RW-C base: 0x0000000000754000 size: 1048576
456[/app/taskdump(68)] [11] flags: RW-C base: 0x0000000000855000 size: 4096
457[/app/taskdump(68)] [12] flags: RW-C base: 0x0000000000857000 size: 1048576
458[/app/taskdump(68)] [13] flags: RW-- base: 0x0000000000958000 size: 65536
459[/app/taskdump(68)] [14] flags: RW-C base: 0x0000000000968000 size: 4096
460[/app/taskdump(68)] [15] flags: RW-C base: 0x000000000096a000 size: 1048576
461[/app/taskdump(68)] [16] flags: RW-C base: 0x0000000000a6b000 size: 253952
462[/app/taskdump(68)] [17] flags: R-XC base: 0x0000000070000000 size: 102400
463[/app/taskdump(68)] [18] flags: RW-C base: 0x0000000070219000 size: 131072
464[/app/taskdump(68)] [19] flags: RW-C base: 0x0000000070239000 size: 4096
465[/app/taskdump(68)] [20] flags: RW-C base: 0x000000007023a000 size: 4096
466[/app/taskdump(68)] [21] flags: RW-C base: 0x000000007023c000 size: 4096
467[/app/taskdump(68)] [22] flags: RW-C base: 0x000000007023e000 size: 4096
468[/app/taskdump(68)] [23] flags: RW-C base: 0x0000000070240000 size: 4096
469[/app/taskdump(68)] [24] flags: R--C base: 0x0000000070242000 size: 4096
470[/app/taskdump(68)] [25] flags: RW-C base: 0x0000000070243000 size: 4096
471[/app/taskdump(68)] [26] flags: RW-C base: 0x0000000070245000 size: 1048576
472[/app/taskdump(68)] [27] flags: RW-C base: 0x00007ffffff00000 size: 1048576
473[/app/taskdump(68)] Fibril 0x0000000000629800:
474[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000070344d10: 0x000000000041bff1 (context_swap+28)
475[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000070344d40: 0x0000000000413e84 (_fibril_switch_to+303)
476[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000070344db0: 0x0000000000414331 (fibril_wait_timeout+553)
477[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000070344dd0: 0x0000000000414437 (fibril_wait_for+64)
478[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000070344df0: 0x0000000000418644 (default_fallback_port_handler+0)
479[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000070344e20: 0x000000000040604e (main+400)
480[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000070344e60: 0x000000000040a155 (__libc_main+510)
481[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000070344e80: 0x0000000000400225 (link_in_use+0)
482[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000070344e90: 0x000000000040018c (__c_start+0)
483[/app/taskdump(68)] Fibril 0x0000000000647c70:
484[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000649e10: 0x000000000041bff1 (context_swap+28)
485[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000649e40: 0x0000000000413e84 (_fibril_switch_to+303)
486[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000649eb0: 0x0000000000414331 (fibril_wait_timeout+553)
487[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000649f20: 0x0000000000413b81 (_wait_ipc+345)
488[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000649f40: 0x0000000000414669 (fibril_ipc_wait+35)
489[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000649fb0: 0x0000000000417d6d (async_manager_worker+25)
490[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000649fd0: 0x0000000000417d95 (async_manager_fibril+17)
491[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000649ff0: 0x00000000004132e0 (_fibril_main+59)
492[/app/taskdump(68)] Fibril 0x000000000064b8b0:
493[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x000000000064df50: 0x000000000041bff1 (context_swap+28)
494[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x000000000064df80: 0x0000000000413e84 (_fibril_switch_to+303)
495[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x000000000064dfd0: 0x0000000000413f4c (_helper_fibril_fn+99)
496[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x000000000064dff0: 0x00000000004132e0 (_fibril_main+59)
497[/app/taskdump(68)] Fibril 0x00000000006519d0:
498[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000752d80: 0x000000000041bff1 (context_swap+28)
499[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000752db0: 0x0000000000413e84 (_fibril_switch_to+303)
500[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000752e20: 0x0000000000414331 (fibril_wait_timeout+553)
501[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000752e70: 0x000000000041c6b8 (mpsc_receive+73)
502[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000752eb0: 0x0000000000417bb3 (async_get_call_timeout+184)
503[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000752f40: 0x000000000040a312 (loc_cb_conn+33)
504[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000752fd0: 0x00000000004174a1 (connection_fibril+288)
505[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000752ff0: 0x00000000004132e0 (_fibril_main+59)
506[/app/taskdump(68)] Fibril 0x0000000000651f00:
507[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000853c30: 0x000000000041bff1 (context_swap+28)
508[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000853c60: 0x0000000000413e84 (_fibril_switch_to+303)
509[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000853cd0: 0x0000000000414331 (fibril_wait_timeout+553)
510[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000853d20: 0x000000000041c6b8 (mpsc_receive+73)
511[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000853d60: 0x0000000000417bb3 (async_get_call_timeout+184)
512[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000853f40: 0x000000000040712d (hound_connection_handler+100)
513[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000853fd0: 0x00000000004174a1 (connection_fibril+288)
514[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000853ff0: 0x00000000004132e0 (_fibril_main+59)
515[/app/taskdump(68)] Fibril 0x00000000008553b0:
516[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000956a60: 0x000000000041bff1 (context_swap+28)
517[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000956a90: 0x0000000000413e84 (_fibril_switch_to+303)
518[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000956b00: 0x0000000000414331 (fibril_wait_timeout+553)
519[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000956b20: 0x0000000000414437 (fibril_wait_for+64)
520[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000956b50: 0x00000000004163d4 (async_wait_for+62)
521[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000956c00: 0x000000000041650e (async_req_fast+144)
522[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000956c60: 0x00000000004065e6 (audio_pcm_stop_playback+81)
523[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000956cb0: 0x00000000004013a3 (device_sink_connection_callback+637)
524[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000956cd0: 0x0000000000402a27 (connection_destroy+170)
525[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000956d10: 0x00000000004034b1 (hound_remove_source_internal+185)
526[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000956d30: 0x0000000000403719 (hound_remove_ctx+150)
527[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000956d60: 0x0000000000405abf (iface_rem_context+99)
528[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000956f40: 0x00000000004072b6 (hound_connection_handler+493)
529[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000956fd0: 0x00000000004174a1 (connection_fibril+288)
530[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000956ff0: 0x00000000004132e0 (_fibril_main+59)
531[/app/taskdump(68)] Fibril 0x00000000009680f0:
532[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000a69b60: 0x000000000041bff1 (context_swap+28)
533[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000a69b70: 0x0000000000413041 (__tcb_get+9)
534[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000a69b90: 0x0000000000414544 (fibril_self+42)
535[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000a69ba0: 0x000000000041457c (fibril_get_id+9)
536[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000a69be0: 0x00000000004158fc (__futex_assert_is_locked+52)
537[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000a69c20: 0x0000000000415afe (__futex_unlock+120)
538[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000a69c40: 0x0000000000414930 (fibril_rmutex_unlock+49)
539[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000a69c50: 0x0000000000411ae8 (heap_unlock+14)
540[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000a69ca0: 0x0000000000412e65 (free+426)
541[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000a69ce0: 0x000000000040d12e (log_msgv+133)
542[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000a69de0: 0x000000000040d0a6 (log_msg+168)
543[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000a69e30: 0x0000000000402b2f (connection_add_source_data+116)
544[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000a69e90: 0x000000000040217e (audio_sink_mix_inputs+163)
545[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000a69f40: 0x0000000000401686 (device_event_callback+225)
546[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000a69fd0: 0x00000000004174a1 (connection_fibril+288)
547[/app/taskdump(68)] 0x0000000000a69ff0: 0x00000000004132e0 (_fibril_main+59)
548[dhcp] note: net/eth1: dhcpsrv_discover_timeout