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Changes between Initial Version and Version 1 of Wanted

2011-11-28T15:02:23Z (9 years ago)
Jakub Jermář

Add HW wanted page.


  • Wanted

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     1= Wanted Hardware =
     3HelenOS developers are in a constant need of the hardware they are developing HelenOS for. See our [wiki:Lab lab] page to see what hardware is already available to us.
     5The following wishlist contains items that we either don't have at all, the last available item died or we need more items of the same kind.
     7||= Item                                           =||= Who needs it =||= Purpose                                                                   =||= Comment =||
     8|| Sun Fire T1000                                   || JJ             || Developing new features on sun4v, testing and bug fixing.                   || Need to have quick physical access ||
     9|| Sun Fire V125 - V245                             || JJ             || Developing new features on sun4u (>=UtraSPARC III), testing and bug fixing. ||           ||
     10|| Apple iBook G4 / Apple Mac Mini G4               || JJ             || Testing and bug fixing.                                                     || Replacement for the dead iBook G4 ||
     11|| any working 1U/2U amd64/ia32/ia64/sparc64 server || JJ             || Improve redundancy in our lab, virtualization, testing, development.        ||           ||
     13If you wish to donate an item which is listed above, please contact the associated contact or post to our mailing list.