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Start page about VESA driver (GSOC 2014 project)

VESA driver (GSOC 2014)

Mailing-list reports

Report #1, Report #2, Report #3, Report #4

compctl utility

The first parameter should be a compositor name, in form it registered to location server, comp/:0 at this time. Then you can either list viewports using l[ist] <vp|viewports> arguments or select viewport by id (as it listed by listing viewport command), using <vp|viewport> {numeric id} to perform viewport-specific operations. If you selected viewport you can either list its modes using l[ist] m[odes] or set mode using set {mode number} arguments. Use mode numbers from viewports list.


List viewports in given compositor.

/ # compctl comp/:0 l vp
id: 27        name: devices/\hw\vesafb\vsl0

List viewport modes.

/ # compctl comp/:0 vp 27 l m
mode 0x111: 640x480
mode 0x112: 640x480
mode 0x114: 800x600
mode 0x117: 1024x768
mode 0x115: 800x600
mode 0x118: 1024x768
mode 0x11a: 1280x1024

Switch to a different mode.

/ # compctl comp/:0 vp 27 set 0x11a
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