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User's Guide

This is the user's guide to HelenOS. It starts from the very basics (like downloading and your first boot), teaches you the basics of using HelenOS (console, shell, etc.) and progresses to more advanced topics.

Read this guide carefully before posting questions to the mailing list.

This guide is not complete and always in need of improvements.

Basic Topics

Quick Start

Quick and easy way to get HelenOS up and running in close to no time.


Switching VCs. Mostly.


Your best friend. The primary way to control the system.

Text Editor

Standard issue. Insert, Delete, Copy, Paste, Save, Load and Quit :-)

Common Text Editing Keys

If if can edit text, it supports these controls.

Advanced Topics

If you never ran HelenOS before, you clearly are in the wrong chapter.

Kernel Console

Kernel hacker's penultimate tool to debugging the system.

Compiling From Source

If you do, read this very carefully!

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