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For the hapless newbie.

User's Guide

  1. Quick Start
  2. Console
  3. Shell
  4. Kernel Console
  5. Building From Source

Quick Start

To try out HelenOS, download the latest IA-32 ISO image from the download page. Install QEMU. In the directory where you downloaded the ISO image run

qemu -m 32 -cdrom image.iso

You can also use a different emulator. Just make sure it is configured to emulate a Pentium 4 or later CPU or HelenOS won't boot and it will display a red error message.



Kernel Console

Building From Source

Checkout the latest sources

svn checkout svn:// helenos-trunk

Use our script to install a supported cross-compiler toolchain

cd helenos-trunk/contrib/toolchain

Go to the source root and start the build process

cd ../..

Load preconfigured defaults for the platform you want to build for and select Done. HelenOS will now be built.

Important note: If you don't compile using the supported toolchain, your build may well fail.

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