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Text Editing

HelenOS uses common controls for text editing throughout the system. This section teaches you the text editing controls that are available to you.

Keyboard Controls

Whenever you are prompted to enter or edit some text, you can use the same common base set of control keys. These should be quite familiar to you as they are similar to the keys used in popular desktop environments.

Keystroke Action
Enter Submit or insert end-of-line
Backspace Delete character to the left of cursor (or delete selection)
Delete Delete character under cursor (or delete selection)
Left Arrow Move cursor left by one character
Right Arrow Move cursor right by one character
Home Move cursor to beginning of text
End Move cursor to end of text
Ctrl-Left Arrow Move cursor left by one word
Ctrl-Right Arrow Move cursor right by one word
Shift-movement Select text
Ctrl-A Select all
Ctrl-C Copy selection to clipboard
Ctrl-X Cut selection to clipboard
Ctrl-V Paste from clipboard
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