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    1515== Networking ==
    17 TODO write this section
     17For general information about networking in HelenOS, please see [wiki:UsersGuide/Networking].
     19See [ VirtualBox manual] for more information on networking in !VirtualBox.
     21In order to use networking in HelenOS running under !VirtualBox, the guest needs to have at least one Network Adapter enabled in Network configuration menu. Note that !VirtualBox supports several networking cards, but out of these, HelenOS has driver only for the Intel PRO/1000 variants.
     23Being based on the QEMU networking code, !VirtualBox provides similar networking options as QEMU, namely in the NAT and Bridged mode. The difference is that !VirtualBox provides easy to use configuration GUI and saves the user from fiddling with the host setup, so that especially the Bridged mode is much easier to use.
     25The NAT mode is essentially the same as [wiki:RunningInQEMU#Networking QEMU] user networking with port forwarding, including the assigned address and limitations. To use the network adapter in the NAT mode, simply select `NAT` in the `Attached to:` menu. Note that NAT is the default mode.
     27In the Bridged mode, !VirtualBox arranges for a setup, in which the HelenOS guest will be on the same network as the host itself. What is nice about is mode is that it works out of the box and no special setup is required. Just select `Bridged Adapter` in the `Attached to:` menu.
    1929== USB ==