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Change History for UsersGuide/RunningInQEMU

Version Date Author Comment
20 3 years Jakub Jermář
19 6 years Jakub Jermář Fix command line option to correspond to the current HelenOS and QEMU, …
18 6 years Jakub Jermář Reorder subsections for better structure, add links, be more descriptive.
17 6 years Jakub Jermář Be more specific as for what machines are being emulated.
16 6 years Jakub Jermář
15 6 years Jakub Jermář
14 6 years Jakub Jermář Update, mention building QEMU from scratch, KVM, QEMU versions
13 6 years Jakub Jermář
12 7 years Jakub Jermář Update QEMU command line for MIPS Malta.
11 9 years Vojtech Horky Mention tools/
10 10 years Jakub Jermář Link to NetworkBridging document.
9 10 years Martin Sucha Some QEMU networking options
8 10 years Vojtech Horky Several notes on USB
7 10 years Martin Sucha Add stub for section about serial ports
6 10 years Martin Sucha Added a note about mips32 support
5 10 years Martin Sucha Added link to QEMU website
4 10 years Jakub Jermář Mention the difference between QEMU 1.0.0 and 1.0.1
3 10 years Martin Sucha clarified TODO
2 10 years Martin Sucha Change structure so that advanced options may be added
1 10 years Martin Sucha Add basic stub for this page