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    2020== Network configuration ==
     22As of now, network can be configure only manually using the `inetcfg` command.
     24=== Manual network configuration ===
     26Manual network configuration is quite easy. You can always check the current setting via the `inetcfg` command without arguments:
     29/ # inetcfg
     30Configured addresses:
     31 net/loopback v4a 1500
     32Static routes:
     33    None
     36Now, let's assume you want to configure HelenOS to have address This is simply achieved by typing:
     39/ # inetcfg create net/eth1 myaddr
     42`net/eth1` is one of the available links, in this case the first discovered network card. You may use the `locinfo` command to see what other links are there in the system. `myaddr` is a user-defined name given to the configured address. It is used to identify the address to other `inetcfg` commands.
     44You may also want to configure the default gateway for your networked HelenOS system. Provided the gateway is at, type:
     47/ # inetcfg add-sr default
     50Your HelenOS system is now configured for networking. Note that `inetcfg` understands also other commands that you can use to fix any potential problems with the configuration. To see the complete list, just type:
     53/ # inetcfg -h
    2256== Network services ==
    2357=== Web server (websrv) ===