Kernel Console

This section explains the usage of the kernel debugging console. Note that the kernel console is a debugging tool. It is not meant for novice users and it is not available in release builds (only in debug/development builds).

Attention Newbies

The kernel console is a debugging tool to be used by the developers. Normal uses should never need to use it. In the past the kernel console used to supplant some functionality which was missing in user space. Nowadays, almost all important functionality is available via regular commands. The kernel console is not available in release builds.


The kernel is invoked either by pressing F12 on the console or by typing the shell command

# kcon

On a release build the kernel console is not available!


The kernel console is controlled via a command line. The continue command will take you back to the user-space console. help will show a list of commands. The command line supports completion (Tab key) and history (up and down arrow keys).

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