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HelenOS starts into a simple graphical user interface, provided a usable graphical output device is found (otherwise it will start into a text console). You can move windows around, close them, resize, etc. using your mouse. For debugging purposes, there is a set of keyboard shortcuts availble (see below).

On startup you are presented with a console window (you can type commands there), a launcher window and a barber pole window.

Keyboard shortcuts

Key Action
Alt + Tab Switch active window
Alt + A, S, W, D Move window (left, down, up, right)
Alt + T, G, B, N Resize window (lower, higher, narrower, wider)
Alt + X Close window
Alt + F, R Scale window (bigger, smaller)
Alt + Q, E Rotate window (clockwise, counter-clockwise)
Alt + C, V Window opacity (more transparent, more opaque)
Alt + J, K, I, L Move viewport (left, down, up, right)
Alt + O, P Select viewport
Pause / Break / F15 Switch to kernel console