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Version 10 (modified by Jiri Svoboda, 10 years ago) (diff)

OS directory structure

Disks and File systems

File system types

HelenOS currently supports the following file systems:

File system /srv executable Can be root FS Has mk*fs utility Status
TMPFS tmpfs yes no Stable
FAT fat yes yes Stable
locfs locfs no no Stable
Ext2fs? ext2fs yes no Testing read-only
exFAT exfat no yes Testing
CDFS cdfs no no Testing
MFS mfs no yes Testing

Directory structure

The file system of a running HelenOS system is roughly laid out as follows:

/app end-user applications (see the Command Reference)
/cfg system-wide configuration
/data application data (e.g. the web root served by websrv)
/drv device drivers
/inc header files
/lib libraries
/loc location service nodes (rough analogy of /dev in UNIX)
/src source files
/srv server applications (services, e.g. console, networking - see the Command Reference)
/tmp temporary files

This layout is not fixed in any way and may change in the future.