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Audio guide



HelenOS supports audio devices. Getting basic audio output is very easy. We'll explain all the necessary steps here.

Audio on Hardware

HelenOS supports Intel High Definition Audio thus it should work with the on-board audio device of any not-too-ancient PC.

Audio in Qemu

In Qemu HelenOS can support audio via Intel High Definition Audio device. Just use and you will get it automatically. Alternatively, run Qemu with the options

-device intel-hda -device hda-duplex

Don't use the sb16 device - current versions of Qemu have broken sb16 support.

Say hello

To test sound type into the terminal:

# wavplay demo.wav

Amiga-style modules

The modplay command can play Amiga-style modules (.mod and .xm). Find one and get it onto your HelenOS system (e.g. on a USB stick or build it into the initrd). Play it using the command:

# modplay <my_module.mod>
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