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Several links

USB support

Basic support for USB 1.1 was added to HelenOS in mainline:1006 by merging code of student software project at MFF UK. The original homepage of the project is at

Supported devices

Host controllers

  • UHCI
    • QEMU 0.14 (previous versions have rather serious bugs in the chip implementation)
    • real hardware: all tested machines (IA-32, AMD-64) worked (TODO exact product ids)
  • OHCI
    • VirtualBox (no known problem)
    • real hardware: yes (some PCI IDs may be missing)
  • EHCI
    • only stub implementing hand off routine
    • works well in VirtualBox with USB 2.0 support enabled

Functions (endpoint devices)

  • hubs
  • HID
    • base keyboard (101 PC) - full support
    • mouse - cursor movement, clicking, wheel transformed into arrows (keys) presses
    • multimedia buttons (Play/Pause, E-mail, Save etc.) - printed into log
  • mass storage
    • only stub querying device for vendor and product name

Links below may be duplicates of links located on developers' documentation page.

Core USB and host controller specifications

Miscellaneous (USB related)



Localization, Unicode, UTF & co.

Workaround, hacks