Updating GCC/Binutils Toolchain

HelenOS is build using cross toolchain built from our repositories that contain modified versions of GCC and Binutils. The customization consists of the addition of HelenOS-specific targets.

The process of updating the toolchain is very similar for both GCC and binutils-gdb projects.

  • Add another Git remote with upstream development.
  • Find a branch on the upstream with the right version.
    • binutils-2_40-branch
    • releases/gcc-13
  • Create a new branch starting on the last commit from branch from the previous step.
    • binutils-2_40-helenos
    • 13_1_1-helenos
  • Rebase changes in previous *-helenos branch onto the branch from the previous step.
    • There will be conflicts: mostly in various *config* files as new targets are added or obsoleted ones are removed. Usually resolving them is straightforward.
  • Update the version numbers in


Set up the repositories in to point to your local clones to speed-up the cloning. Or setup the clones in the downloads directory and comment-out all Git operations.

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