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Version 5 (modified by Vojtech Horky, 8 years ago) (diff)

Add notice about keeping NUMA branch up-to-date

Items to Merge

This a list of branches and patches which might be interesting for integration into the mainline or at least worth cherrypicking. The list is in no particular order.

  • MMU-less operation (lp:~jiri-tlach/helenos/nommu)
    • Worth integrating as-is, but a heavy maintenance burden
      • The kernel from the thesis was made fibril-aware. It was later agreed with JiriT that:

        the kernel shouldn't be fibril-aware, so rewriting it so that the fibril related info resides in uspace should be a right step.

    • Better extending to a genuine hardware platform without MMU
  • NUMA support (lp:~vojtech-horky/helenos/numa)
    • Worth integrating as-is
    • Some logical overlap with DMA zones, etc.
    • Working on a merge with current mainline (many conflicts) [2012-01-12, VH]
  • RBAC and security (Stepan Henek)
    • Probably hard to integrate as-is, but worth cherrypicking
  • NICF (lp:~helenos-nicf/helenos/nicf)
    • Still valuable code unmerged (e.g. RTL8139 and E1000 drivers), but some key parts need reimplementation (DMA zones, DMA in general)
  • WIP: GRUB and installer (Dominik Taborsky)
    • Worth early integration
  • WIP: Xen support (Tomas Benhak)
    • Worth early integration
  • WIP: Sound subsystem (Jan Vesely)
    • Worth early integration (alternative DMA implementation)