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    1717  * Stick to the [ HelenOS coding style].
    1818  * Adhere to good coding practices, such as adequate commenting, avoiding dense code, using horizontal spacing as visual delimiter and keeping the block nesting level under control.
    19   * Respect copyright. Including third-party code (such as headers) is discouraged. When absolutely necessary and you do it, you '''must''' include proper copyright notices and attributions as required by the third-party license.
    2019  * Self-contained code is good, but avoid poorly integrated code. Poorly integrated code is pointlessly concentrated in one subdirectory of the source tree. For example, putting new generic ADT's and IPC primitives under the networking directory is a sign of poorly integrated code.
    2120  * As with the text of your thesis, similar citation rules should apply in your code. When using third party code, always give credit where the credit is due, always follow the license of the third party code. It would be kind of embarrassing to discover portions of e.g. Linux header file in code which you advertise as yours.