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    1818  * As with the text of your thesis, similar citation rules should apply in your code. When using third party code, always give credit where the credit is due, always follow the license of the third party code. It would be kind of embarrassing to discover portions of e.g. Linux header file in code which you advertise as yours.
    1919  * Be open-minded. If you are designing a new subsystem or some sort of interface for HelenOS, it may be convenient to do it exactly how it is done in e.g. Linux. Please don't do that, especially not if the only reason would be because Linux does it that way. Remember that cloning a legacy system is not our goal. When evaluating approaches to a problem in other operating systems, use critical thinking and try to find problems of and ways to improve their solutions.
     21== Interacting with the community ==
     22  * The HelenOS community can provide invaluable feedback to your ideas so make sure to interact with the community effectively. Simply put, participate on the mailing list and, if possible, attend the monthly project meetings.