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Changes between Version 19 and Version 20 of StructuredBinaryData

2012-08-07T05:57:55Z (9 years ago)
Sean Bartell

Outer struct access is complete


  • StructuredBinaryData

    v19 v20  
    178178parameters. Currently, the only possible expressions are parameters given to
    179179the current transform, boolean and integer literals, and previously decoded
    180 fields in the current `struct`:
     180fields in the current `struct` or an outer `struct`:
    182182transform item(little_endian) = struct {
    273273   This is essential for non‐sequential blobs like filesystems.
    274274 Complex expressions:: Expressions that use operators or call transforms.
    275  Accessing outer fields:: Expressions can use previously decoded fields of the
    276    current `struct`, but they need a way to access the previously decoded
    277    fields of an outer `struct`.
    278275 Assertions:: These could be implemented as transforms that don't actually
    279276   change the input. There could be multiple levels, ranging from “warning” to
    301298   could be passed automatically, without having to write it out every time. A
    302299   more advanced automatic parameter could keep track of current offset being
    303    decoded within a blob. There would need to be some sort of scoping to
     300   decoded within a blob. There would need to be some sort of grouping to
    304301   determine which transforms have the automatic parameters.
    305302 Smarter length calculation:: Bithenge should automatically detect the length