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Regression matrix for HelenOS 0.4.3 (Sashimi)

This is a list of regressions in revision 899 (0.4.3 release), updated as they are being fixed in later revisions. Ports not listed in this table do not have any major unresolved regression.

Sanity SMP Network FS Devman
amd64 OK OK OK, #325 OK OK
arm32/testarm OK, #114 N/A OK OK OK
arm32/gta02 OK, #114? N/A OK OK
ia32 OK OK OK, #325 OK OK
ia64/ski OK, #114 N/A OK OK OK
ia64/i460GX OK, #114 N/A OK OK OK
mips32/msim OK, #318 OK OK #114
ppc32 —, #243 —, #243 —, #243 —, #243 —, #243
sparc64/ultra OK OK, #114 OK OK OK
sparc64/serengeti OK OK N/A OK N/A
sparc64/niagara —, #324, #297 —, #324 —, #324 —, #324 —, #324
Works reasonably well, perhaps in combination with other remarks.
Not applicable.
Not tested.
kconsole test * and tester *, whether system started up and basic command work
Same as above, but in SMP mode.
Does network start up successfully? Does local ping work and local nettest[12] work? If applicable, can communicate using UDP/TCP from outside?
Create 2M file on /tmp/img, file_bd img fbd0, mkfat fbd0, mount fat /data fbd0, copy some stuff to /data, do something with it, unmount, see it's not there, mount again and verify the contents is there again.
Run devman and notice if everything was ok. Run tester virtchar1.
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